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My husband recently lost his job, and my job has been really slow, we are only a week behind in our payment. Rent a center show up today to get there stuff, we tried to call and see if the could plz pick everything up on Tuesday so that we could get our belonging out. We were told that we had a bad relationship with them because they have seen us buying food at a restaurant in the same plaza. I work with 4 other ppl and often i am the one who... Read more

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false advertisement! i applied online got approved went to the store to finish agreement a pick up item, paid the down or first payment as they say received receipts and copy of agreement all that was left was my item when they say i was denied because one of my reference had a delinquent account with them, and is that my fault just because someone else owes i cant obtain what it want, they returned my money and just said there was nothing they... Read more

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I have been a customer if rebt a center for many yrs and i rented and paid off a few items.So i called up tent a center to tent a bex because my ved was broke andold.So rent a center gave me a full size mattress abd box spring free of charge as a token of appreciation. A few days after i got the bed i started itching and my skin was feeling like something was biting me and i turned the mattress over and saw the bugs.I immediiately called rent a... Read more

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Hello I rented a fridge from Lewistown pa, to begin with they quoted complete different than what they are charging us, than when it came there was no handles , and it was supose to be a new fridge but it came very used, than they knew I get paid bi weekly and they would call me 3 to 4 times a day harassing me, than I would tell them I pay biweekly, well yesterday they called I said come on I've told you many times I get paid biweekly, than they... Read more

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After paying off a 42" Flat Screen that I ended up paying around $2000 for a couple years ago I thought I would rent a tablet from Rent-A-Center. I usually had no problems paying for it and I always kept up with letting them know if I was going to be late or if things were out of my hands to where I couldn't get to pay at the time and when I could because, I work for a non-profit organization helping families and any other people that need help.... Read more

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Rent A Center - Review about Samsung Front Loading Washer And Dryer from Memphis, Tennessee
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When rac delivered my washer abd dryer they ripped the linoleum in 3 different places. One in the front entry the other 2 in my kitchen. Looks awful. Will they fix this for us? Read more

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Terrible delivery hours!! Evening only delivers ??? It will be good if the home office or coorporate to help the store get some helpin the Am for customers deliverys. It is a good store but delivery hours are terrible!!! Add comment

Rude, harassing, disrespectful, and shaming comments is how RAC rolls. I have never gone a whole month without paying but have been late on payments a few times. I work 10-14 hour days trying to raise 3 kids by myself and yet RAC employees have literally put me in tears with the way they speak to me. After one call where I had to get off the phone because I was crying so hard I couldn't even speak I decided never to answer another phone call... Read more

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The Rent A Center in Jamestown ND is very disappointing. First you hire a manager that not only has domestic and assault charges but also prostitution?!? Then he hires someone with theft and domestics?!?! I know people that could not get hired due to minor charges. Then when you go in the store it's a local hang out with their friends and mother?!?! Also loved seeing the Rent A Center truck at a local liquor store with the tall skinny employee... Read more

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I went into store during "march madness" sale and got a 32" flat screen & 60" flat screen television- bundled together for one payment every two weeks. I was driving my car that day so only opted to take the 32" tv. I told the associate I would be back with my truck to pick up the 60" later in the week. A few days later, grandmother passes and I am unable to pick up 60" tv. Weeks and months go by and finally, they come to the house and pick up... Read more

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