dont let rent a center bully you!

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i worked for rent a center and i know first hand of their bullying scare tactics and over all shiester buisness practices. let me put your mind to ease if you are being harrassed for non payment of your items

1) if you fail to pay they can not come to your home and demand payment.

2)they can not enter your home and seize the items.

3)they can not wait outside your residance to confront you about payment.

4)they can not call your referances and enquire about you for non payment

5) you are not required to give them the items back.

6)they must stay away from you and your home and freinds. if they want the items back by law they are to leave you alone and file a small claims action for the items. this process can take up to 6 months or more. in the mean time the items depriciate in value. you do not have to attend the small claims hearing. what will happen is the judge will dissmiss their case against you and inform them that like a credit card this is a credit issue and they need to put it against your credit rateing. if they are doing any of the things i mentioned in 1-5 you can call the police and tell them they are harrasing you and/or scareing you your family and freinds. also, BIG NO NO RENT A CENTER CAN NOT CALL YOUR WORK FOR YOUR NON PAYMENT!

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17 hours ago Houston, Texas

I get paid every 2 weeks RAC knows this and still call me for late payment... I have bought 5 big money things from them and paid them off... New people in the store... What can I do? Makes me not want to pay and keep what I got

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Nov 15 London, Kentucky

I'm confused I rented some items from rent a center i got behind on payments me and my fiancé split up and I no longer have the items my ex fiancée has them but she claims she doesn't have them. She told rent a center that I have the stuff which is untrue so they keep calling me and family calling me a thief and a liar what I can do about this?please help I'm tired of bring harassed over something I don't have.

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L. Reid

Nov 07 St. Petersburg, Florida

If you worked for them you'd actually know what is in the contracts. You would know that they can call your work, but not tell them specifically what you owe them. They can and will call everyone you listed as contacts. They will do a pawn search with the local police and if you have been a big enough ***, have a bunch of money left to pay or have high dollar items they can and will get a Writ of Replevin. If you have fallen on hard times they will try their best to work something out and the Benefits Plus program covers you if you have lost your job for a number of months.
What they cannot do is leave more than 3 messages a day, they cannot contact you via social media or call you on a Sunday. Everything else is fair game.
They runa a business, you signed a contract agreeing to terms. Getting your nose all out of joint and acting indignant is just silly when you are in violation of a contract.

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Nov 08

You sound like you work for them. Tell me... how would you feel if you had an accident, had 2 surgeries, can barely walk... already paid $3000 for a $1500 tv... and they call you up and tell you they will come to your house and make a big scene and promise to embarrass you in front of the neighbors?
Do they have that right... and lawfully... you biased worker for them. After being told not to call anymore by the references... it is harassment and can be prosecuted for it.
Do your research on the Writ ... it's very expensive and doesn't make logical sense.

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Nov 17

It sounds like someone screwed you or you were a bad payer. If you don't pay the items off in 3 months half your payment starts coming off as a rental fee. So the most you should ever pay is twice the cash price if you go full term. So if you put 3000 dollars in a 1500 dollar tv it should have been paid off. However, if you pay late consistently the late fees could be the x factor here. You are right though after the reference says do not call me, rent a cent cannot call them anymore. This however doesn't remove the obligation of the contract. Some rent a center employees like this one claim they won't sue you but this is false. The store manager can get a lawyer or some districts will open an account and these stores and districts will sue you if its worth it. In your case they wouldn't because they already made their money, however if they owe a lot on the item you stole they will take you to court. The store i work at currently is collecting monthly court checks from people around here who read articles like this and thought we wouldn't sue them. If anyone wants real advice about rent a center, read your contract and know what your getting yourself into. Never sign something you don't fully understand or don't intend to commit to. If you get into a bind like yourself set up a pick up and use your life time reinstatement later when you can. They have to let you start where you left off as long as you returned it on good terms.

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Nov 16 Orlando, Florida

There is no provision in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that prohibits a creditor from calling you on a Sunday, ***. In fact, they can call you on all 365 days of the year as long as the call is made between the hours of 8am and 9pm. That's right, creditors can call you on Thanksgiving, Christmas, your freaking birthday or any other day they choose as long as it is not outside of those hours.
Listen up, Reid. People are looking for advice in here and it normally involves a stressful issue related to an ***hole creditor. These businesses usually stretch the limits of what's legal anyway so why not make sure you have your facts straight and that you're helping people with the correct information before you come in here and start spouting off a bunch of B.S. that isn't true, eh?
Can't call on Sunday... you're an ***, you know that?

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Nov 06 Huntington, New York

I have the same problem with rent a center,they are threatening me and through my friends,and they came tomy hhome demanding payment or item,that I don't have that was stolen.They call my family and friends stating the are going to prosecute me for not having the merchandice any longer.It was stolen.Their saying if I don't pay them,I'm facing 2-5 in prison for the phone.It was stolen and I told them that and they called me a liar.

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Nov 08 Dawsonville, Georgia

just doing some research to see if if they can prosecute you bc my friend is in the same situation

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Nov 11 Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Hey flewbyu0808 I rented a phone from them and it went into first payment default because I did not have a way to take it to them that day I went in 3 days later to pay it and they refused My money and told me to bring the phone in the next day well I lost the phone (I have 2 babies) so now I am getting the phone calls and letters from their lawyer we told them it was lost and we couldn't find it yet they are still harassing me do you kno of they can put me in jail for it or what can happen it worries me cause I can't find it and I can't go to jail please let me kno the outcome of what happend with yours

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Doing what is right

16 hours ago

A few months back I was on a jury for the same type of issue. We found the woman guilty and asked for the maximum 5 year jail term. The judge took pity on her because of her three kids and gave her the minimum 2 year jail term with no possibility of early release.
I still can't figure why she didn't simply buy a $20 pay as you go trac type phone from Walmart. It wouldn't be trendy like a smart phone, but it beats spending two years in a nasty jail. Hopefully when she gets out in 2016, she'll have learned a few lessons such as living within her budget and taking responsibility for things she signed a contract for.

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L Reid

Nov 07

Yes, they file for a Writ of Replevin, doesn't take them long. They show up with a sheriff and a locksmith and get their property
This is what a Writ of Replevin is:
The Court will thereafter issue a judgment and authorize issuance of a Writ of Replevin, which is served by a sheriff's deputy, working in conjunction with persons hired or employed by the creditor to take the collateral or other property into its possession.

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Nov 08

This Reid person just lied to you. She must work for rent a center... and simply useing a scare tactic on you. They cannot break into your home to get stuff. It's just that simple.
Did you kill someone... shoot someone... kidnapp someone??
*** no you didn't. This person lies... I see her scare comments on here.
I bet this person won't talk to me. And I know for a fact this person will not meet me face to face and talk to me like that. Don't let this scare you. Just do what you can to make it right.

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Nov 25 Indiana, United States

You can try to give people bad advice all ou want hopefully it doesn't hurt them in the long run but it probably will. Yes they can file for a writ of replevin. in indiana it costs 94 dollars for a single defendant. If you don't go to court they will get it and the sheriff will come to your house they wll bring a locksmith and they will enter your premises. The locksmith will run 65 dollars. if they get the item back you will then have a second hearing where they discuss how much money the judgement is for and will add on the legal fees. This will go on your credit and you can't do things such as buy a house through fha while you have an unsatisfied judgement against you. if you dn't show up to the second court date or fail to make payments they can then file to garnish your wages if they know where you work. If they don't they will file for the third hearing where you have to provide them the information so they can garnish your wages. If you don't show up to the third hearing and they don't know where you work the judge can then issue a warrant for you arrest for failoure to appear. So listen to bad advice if you want but I recomend reading up on the law in your area befoe following any advice you are not sure of.

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16 hours ago

It's happened to two neighbors of mine. They can't just walk in by themselves, however; they will make an appointment with the local sheriff and show up with him. There was no drama with the one neighbor, all furniture and electronics were loaded on a truck and taken away but they still owe the rental place nearly $2,000 in fees.
The other neighbor a few doors down was either not home or pretended to not be home. After the 2nd attempt with the sheriff, a warrant was put out for the owner's arrest. A week later he was arrested where he works.
Don't listen to the troll who goes by TEX. He seems to be giving people false hope in order to get them into even deeper trouble. Must get some form of sick satisfaction out of it.

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Nov 01 Worcester, Massachusetts

I had this issue 9 yrs ago and I stopped paying them so now they have it that im a skip person I just tried to rent after 9 yrs n can't

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Oct 29

Yeah idk how lng this post was or whos it is but plz nbox me Dee Haymer ... Dez mfers just lft my apt hounding on my door scaring my kids threating me sayin dey calling police n mesg my friends on fb asking info about me #shtjustgotreal

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Oct 22

I like anyone else came across a financial struggle they called all my references my job and me multiple times at first I had asked them if they were willing to work with me n they said no if you don't pay it will be posted to your credit and now today I just received a voicemail stating that I am a felon now for being in possession of their item that I no longer have a contract for....I'm not going to lie its starting to scare me what should I do???

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