I have been in contact with my local store and have informed them of the current situation. I was assured that I could have payment issues resolved on Friday and was told ok.

I received a call this morning from my spouse who was approached by the store manager, (who he does know and who knows him) . She humiliated him about my payment situation in the middle of a convenience store full of customers. This is on so many levels unprofessional and degrading. I will be returning my purchase and taking my business else where.

In no way should complete strangers be aware of my contract agreement with Rent a Center.

After the store manager left My spouse was informed that is not the first time the rent a center manager has harassed customers in their convenience store before. This is not okay on any level and it is clear from reviews this is common for many of the stores with your company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Of-course this is common with almost every Rent A Center, Aarons, or other "Sub-Prime lending company". It's because the "Customers" always enter Rental Agreements and Contracts then chose to default on them.

Customers enter contracts, agree to the terms then fail to honor them. Pay your bills like you agreed to and the problem of "Harassment" will go away.When you fail to honor the terms you agreed to you 1.

Have the lien holders / lenders money and 2. The lien holders / lenders property.Rent a Center is being far more generous than I would be in such a situation.

to Anonymous #1485932

Fyi based on your redundant anonymous comments on many of these reviews, it's clear you are biased to a closed minded view. Whether someone is late by a day or by a month that does NOT give the manager the right to publicly humiliate the customer in someone else's place of business.

There are company policies I'm sure that managment are to abide by and I'm sure yelling at a customers spouse (who is not on the contract) in the middle of a busy convenience store about a payment is NOT company policy.

This is a blatant disregard of privacy. In Oregon there are laws to protect customers privacy as there is also for the retail companies.

to Anonymous #1486295

Realizing the fact that making payments on time, and honoring terms you agreed to would have prevented the situation with the Manager is not closed minded. It is looking for the lowest common denominator.As for "Customer Privacy Laws". Sorry but no, doing some very basic research you will find that Rent A Center does not have to adhere Rent-A-Center the FDCA."Rent-A-Center isn’t subject to the Fair Debt Collections Act, since the company is considered a first party credit lender."But again all of this could have been avoided if you simply made the payments you agreed to.

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