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My name is Ms. Curtis and I live at 8301 Ashford Blvd.

#706, Laurel, Md. 20707. On Saturday, June 23, 2018 around 9:15 a.m. a Rep.

came to my home looking for Lamont Waller. I have told Rent-A-Center several times that Lamont does not live here. I continue to have reps knocking on my door looking for him and this MUST STOP!

I've also called the store in Laurel to talk with the Manager "Jody" who was no help and rude! I informed her the Lamont Waller does not live in my home and she feels as if I should do their collection for them by providing them with contact information that I do not have.

I am tired of the harassment from Rent-A-Center and I want it to stop NOW!

I need a response back from your office asap! And I will be intact with my Attorney this week.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rent A Center Customer Care.

Reason of review: Collection of Payment.

Preferred solution: I want this harrassment to STOP NOW! I don't use Rent A Center.

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Years ago I had this happen to me. Twice they should up on my doorstep.

I explained the I did not know whom they were looking for. Each time they were rude and kept asking me for this persons contact information. Then they did it a third time, late in the evening after 7:30pm. This time I was ready, I holstered my side arm before answering the door.

I made sure they could see my weapon and calmly said. "Sir, if you come here again this its whats going to happen. I will claim you pushed me and chose to engage in a physical altercation.

I will then take my side arm and end your life. This State has a Stand your Ground Law." After that they never returned.


I often wonder the same thing. I see this over and over, its like people think this website is actually the company they are complaining against.

How someone can be so stupid is another question entirely.I've been looking up Google Map Street on the address. Then posting the URL back in the comment section.


Why would give the internet your home address?

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