Do not make any admissions, payment arrangements or negotiations over the phone or in person. Putting everything in writing provides you with documentation that you may need later on if you decide to report them. Insist, in writing, that they only deal with you in writing as well.

Refuse to talk on the phone. They are required to notify you in writing if you owe money. They are also required to inform you of your right to dispute the debt. If they ask you to call in a letter or on an answering machine message, don't. Again, do everything in writing.

Avoid admitting the debt if you believe that you do not owe the money. When you contact them in writing, refer to the debt by listing the account number and not by referring to it as "my debt" or "my bill."

Contact the Attorney General in your state to find out what the statute of limitations is on your debt. Some debts have a certain time limit, after which the debt is no longer collectible. Make sure you know before you pay, because making a payment causes the statute of limitations to restart.

Know your rights.Rent a Center is not allowed to call people you know except to get an address and phone number, and they may not call you on Sundays, holidays or between eight a.m. in the morning and nine p.m. in the evening. They are also restricted from harassing you by calling all the time.

If you feel you are being treated unfairly File a complaint with the Attorney General's office or the Federal Trade Commission.

When they come to your home, video tape them.You have no obligation to awnser the door. You have every right to tell them to leave your property.If they don't call the police.Don't get into a argument with them.If they try to gain entry you have the right to stop them and press charges.

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yeah ok little man


Go ahead and try that *** with me when i am coming to get our stuff back. I have a concealed carry lisc. and you will have the favro returned to you.


That's probably why rac gets away with so much, even the FTC doesn't know the laws that govern rto companies. It's still good info for others who may have bill collectors other then rac employees though.


Thanks for the input,Was hoping to get another take on this.And as for the info above it was forwarded from the Federal Trade Commission after i made an inquiry about this to them. The last part about them coming to your home is mine.


Zero, you are wrong. Rac's agreements are not considered debt, so the "debt rules" do no apply.

Customers are only responsible for the merch on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis, if they do no renew the aggreement on their due date, then the contract is in default and rac has the write to repo the merch. Rac is very careful about how they phrase and present their company, so as to not fall into the constraints of traditional debt companies. There are two bills in Washington that are being contemplated.

One would force Rac to re-define their business as traditional debt companies, with interest cap. The other would allow them to continue as usual, but make them straighten up just a little.


God love Texas


If you live in Texas and they try to break into our home you have the right to open fire and protect your property. Even when they are your lawn.


One thing I forgot is. When they come to your home they may only knock and I mean (knock) on doors. If they are peering into or banging on windows or patio doors this could be perceived as an attempt to make entry.

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