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I needed a dryer because mine was destroyed in a flood. I called them (the national number) which put me in contact with the local store, which there are MANY in my area.

when they answered after 7 rings, I was told they would call me back in a few minutes and that my order could be delivered same day. 45 minutes later I called back, this time the same woman now angered said" I told you I would call you back", then quickly hung up on me.

an hour after that I decided I would hasten the the order and fill out the application online. Then I called a different store at 6:50 pm. The girl was obviously NOT the same one and was friendly.

I asked if it was an Energy Star, she said YES. I asked if it was NEW, she said YES. I asked if it came with the vent hose, She said YES. When the dryer arrived it was NONE of the above. After agreeing that RAC would get me the new one I accepted delivery "so I have something to use in the meantime. I made him write it on my contract and we will see how quickly it gets delivered.

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