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On Jan. 22nd 2013 I made a payment on a laptop for my daughter who resides in Riverside, CA, I live in Seattle, WA.

My daughter was asked to sign all contracts, I have never signed any. When I made my payment in Jan. I was NOT told that if I had paid only $50 more, the computer would be paid off under the 90 same as cash. On Jan.

26th Corporate drafted a letter to that affect, note: 4 days after I made Jan. payment. The letter was stating the 90 days same as cash policy. The letter was sent to my daughter, and not received until February 2013.

I tried to get them to honor and was told that did not know what I was talking about.

so I made another payment. Mistake! I over paid by $115.

And am now being harrased as well as my references. They never actually notified me, and sent the 90 letter after the fact, and now will not honor it, and I am not getting much help from RentaCenter Corporate.

The harrassment is crazy, especially sent I never signed a contract and I overpaid them. I wonder how many people cave in to them just to stop the harassment?

Monetary Loss: $115.

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