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I needed a new washer / dryer. I had heard you can get a nice set at RAC.

I was ready to pay cash that first day. The sales person told us they offer a 90 day same as cash and could then be able to get their warranty. Wow, sounds good. After putting a good amount down, they delivered a washer / dryer set to my home, a week later!

The washer didn't work. Well, can you believe they had brought the wrong set? So, I have to wait again. I get the right washer / dryer, and they work.

I'm happy. I make my bi-weekly payments. I get a call from RAC who says my payment was due. I told the guy another employee had told me I had till the 2nd of the month.

This guy says I was past due. I ask RAC would it be a problem to come on the 3rd? No problem to do that. Thanks.

Well, I go to make my final payment of 130.00. They tell me I'm one day past my 90 days and I now have to pay all the interest incurred as if I were to have rented the washer / dryer for a year!! I was shocked! Really...

one day? Had the guy I spoke with told me if I didn't pay on the 2nd I would have to pay an additional 300.00, I would have been there. I will never use RAC again nor will I ever recommend this company to anyone. Wish I could give a person the wrong stuff and be late with it and then turn around and charge them.

How do people like this sleep at night? Guess a verbal doesn't exist in this world anymore!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #817040

You sound like a financial ***! Your story was so *** and your financial wisdom so lacking I find it hard to believe you can operate a dryer! Buy a more interesting story at RAC!


Hi – I work at RAC. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 to discuss this further with us.

We’d like to try to make this right anyway we can. Thanks.

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