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My payments are due over the weekend. I get paid on Tuesday.

It is usually Wednesday when I can pay. If I change to coincide my payment with payday, I have to pay extra to change up that schedule. They demanded two weeks payment since I was more than one day late; and they were allowed to ask for it. They told me to pay when I was suppossed to because it was costing too much to make collection calls.

I have been treated so poorly, this is twice in one month. I am returning the items. Why complain-I pay the late fees-it's not like they are not making more money from me and the rudeness is unacceptable. They can either take my money or lose my business and gain a bad reputation.

I will take my business elsewhere. They have pissed me off enough.

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:( rent a center is total b.s. i will never use them again!!!


I am going through a similar issue. I was trying to pay mine up todate, and 5 days in advance.

He refussed to accept my payment. I either had to pay 2 weeks in advance or nothing.

I choose to settle it in court. You can NOT demand more than the contracted stated amount due, to do so is illegal and un-ethical.


you need to speak with your customer account rep and tell them when you can pay and what day....we don't like charging you the late fee!

the ghost that never lies

First off you get paid on Wednesday so when you came in you paid up until the Saturday after you got paid again. But when you got paid that next Wednesday you decided it wasn't due yet so you blew your money and couldn't pay it......hmmmmmmm.

now you past due every week and its their fault? Please help me with that........ROFL :p

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