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Rent A Center Lied to my wife and told her that Rent A Center would fix any problem with television for 5 years after the television was paid for. The manager now states that they do not make repairs when an item is paid for.

I am highly pissed and I will take this complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I will never rent anything from these crooks ever again and I am going to give them a bad name everywhere that I go.

I am also going to go to Elliot Davis in St. Louis to Complain about this.

Review about: Rent A Center Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Do you people read the contract? No warranties.

Also, they will service the item as long as it's rented. Once you pay it off, they don't have to do anything. I never once had an issue with rent a center.

3 tvs (one in living room, bedroom, and lounge) and a refrigerator later... I'm still a happy customer.


The same thing just happened to me I rented a tv from rent a center a used one and just paid it off in Feburary of this year and my tv broke down a few days ago and they wouldnt help fix my tv all that money i spent on the *** tv and they wouldnt offer to pay to get it fixed it cost 253.00 and those ripoff muthafuckers wouldnt even put in money on it


Written by cynthia campanale, on 11-05-2010 10:52

We need to unite to file a class action suit. I have spoken with an attorney, please contact his office : RAC has done a great deal from unfair debt collection practices, harassment, deceptive prices . His name and office numbers are below: PLEASE CALL TO SEE IF YOU HAVE A CASE AND CAN BE ADDED .

Tom Holman

1250 Broadway, Suite 3701

New York, New York 10001

212-300-0345(Voice); 212-564-5468 (Fax)


We dont fix *** after its paid off. 5 year warranty? either your wife is an *** or a liar.


I purchased a T.V. from RAC and called the store to have it fixed.

The store mgr.John, told me " we will pick up the T.V. and send it out for repair.I need to put up $60.00 cash which I did. If for any reason they couldn't fix it they would notify me and return my $60.00. they have never called me back nor have they returned my $60.00 or my T.V.

everytime I call them they come up with a new story". I am going to report the T.V.

stolen and have the polic arrest the people who picked up my T.V. and took my $60.00!!!


He didn't fix my tv either, but he sure as *** fixed MY wife.

what a nig


You must have warranty paperwork right? I mean if I go to bestbuy and buy a TV..I always buy the extended 3 year warranty for like $400.

Gave me a slip showing warranty dates. Wait a second...OH YOUR A *** FN RAC customer.."manager told my wife..blah blah"...what after he bent her over the couch in the showroom you ***.

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