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We had purchaced a Acer computer from your store in Wichita Falls tx, on southwest park way, within one week we were unable to use it because the system said we need a key card, we took it back to where we a had purchaced it. they said they had to send it out to be fix.

we were took one week, we are now going on three week and still no computer, even though we have still made the payment which was due. , upon going into the store to find out what is going we were told that the weekly truck had not come because driver was out. I stated is there only one driver and why couldn't the delivery people stand around the office not doing anything drive down and get it. which there was no reply except for the people standing around had every excuse that could come to mind.

i then as for a corporate number I was givin a number to the district manger and I call that number, as I expected I got a voice mail after two cal to number and still not call and no computer here I am typing away at a computer that I went and bought some were else. I will keep this one and jkeep the one from rent a center and pay it off, but will never buy a single thing from rent a center again, a will hight suggest to people and friend not to buy from rent a center as the custumer service allm around is not professional at all.

IMy hope is that other people will see this up to including people in corporate office as well and take hed in what has been writtin. Hopefuly I may get some reponse from someone somewhere...

Very Upset Customer

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Just for the record, they are not all like that. I have been dealing with one of the stores in Springfield, Ohio where I purchased a bed.

They have been great.

Very friendly and courteous and I have not had anyone harassing me before my due date. It's too bad that you have had bad experiences, but whereas I have my have a bad experience at a store, many others do not.


buy here pay here all the same dont know many who get a fair deal when u buy there sure its easy , u cant count on a fews things from a store like that no service, getting hasseled by them and looseing the produduct u bought if u miss a payment ... good luck :( :( :(


You are lots better off saving your money and then just buying a computer outright. I bought a laptop for about 450 from Officemax and havent had any problems with it.

Think of all that interest you would be saving in the longrun, besides, someone who could have been psychotic could have been the prior owner of that used computer. Peace.


I got some furniture from Rent a Center on4674 S ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL, ORLANDO, FL 32839... I recommend you never purchase anything from this location due to lack of Professionalism, Mrs.

Perez is one of the Rude Managers in there who actually insulted me and hung up on me just because I wanted to know the balance on my account. Another incident was them coming to take the furniture because I was due to call in to make a Payment on Friday and since I forgot to call in to make a Payment, Saturday morning they were at my door wanting to take the Furniture. I came in once to make a payment in which Mrs Perez, loudly told one of her friends who is renting furniture from this same location, "it's ok girl, i know times are hard so we will let you slide a month.." Corporate needs to audit this location before you lose this location... Because I have exposed this location to everyone I know, and have advised people several times not to rent anything at this location, unless they're Low-Class, disrespectful, and liars as they are.

Rent a Center will never ever see my name in their system or anyone due to this location.

I will also expose this location on Facebook. Point Blank THEY ARE SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL, & DISRESPECTFUL.


I am from wichita falls and I have had to deal with rent a center. I gave them their stuff back about a year ago and they are still bothering me and harassing me.

I am telling you when you get your item back, even if your due date is not coming up they will call and call you. Then they will eventually come knocking and banging in your door. They will add fees as soon as you are close to paying it off. Keep the contract and every single reciept everytime you get amount make a associate sign it.

They will gypt you. Also if you are late on your payment, which I hardly ever was they will call you a low life and cuss and call your work show up at your work and everything esle. You can call to ask to speak to a manager and at this one they say "We are all managers...they are only account managers. They dont read customers notes.

This rent a center at WIchita Falls Texas has by far the most unprofessional employees I have ever seen. I think you are better renting from Aarons they are sweet their.

I have paid off 3 things they stick to what they say. They don't harass you until your like wayy late and they dont harass you that much!.

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