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I am absolutly disgusted with the way RAC treats their customers. First of all, I have paid $4200.00 to RAC for my items and now because I asked for 1 day extra to pay they want my stuff NOW and ACTUALLY showed up at my work to demand payment - Oh, yeah they pounded on my front door for ten minutes too according to my neighbor.

From the beginning, when I signed my contract the RAC employee told me that IF I ever needed a couple days to just call and it would be fine. And within the first few months I had called on two seperate occasions because I needed to pay Monday instead of Saturday...Which they had NO problem helping me. So, it has been over a year now of paying every two weeks, just as my contract states....and something came up and I called the RAC to speak with them about paying on MONDAY instead of Saturday (yes, the immediate Monday)and I was told "it was NOT acceptable and to either have the money end by the time they closed or they would be by my house to collect the furniture. I seriously could not believe what I just after a few moments of utter disbelief I asked to speak with the manager, and guess what it was the manager.

So, I called the other RAC here in town and spoke with the manager over there...and was told the exact same thing. Although, she did tell me that she didn't agree with the way they handled these accounts that had paid soooo much already for the furniture but if she wanted to keep her job that is what she had to do. Well, right before six pm the RAC guy shows up at my work demanding payment or he would follow me home to collect the items. I explained the situation to him, told him how much I paid and asked him if he would just happily hand the furniture over....he said "*** NO" he tried to strong arm me a little bit more then he left. I was told by neighbors that RAC was pounding on my door for 10 mins and tried to walk around the house until they heard my dogs.

I've researched RAC and have found that they have lost a lot of class action suits due to their way of collecting. Look, it was never my intention to "steal" anything....but what choice are we left with as consumers who have put soooooo much into the purchase but the company WILL NOT work with their customers? I have paid for theses items at least 3 times over with the interest they charged...but I knew that upon signing the agreement. Also, I was informed by RAC employee that if I give the items back I will be able to keep credit at their store (but, if someone wanted my items they would sell them and give me something similar)

I contacted my Uncle who is a detective and I asked about RAC and he immediatly told me how horriable they were, dont do business with them, etc. In the end he told me that it is still a civil matter and would more than likely remain that way because the amount I have paid is more than fair market value. NOW - that doesnt change the fact that I have ALWAYS made my payments and now it could seriously hurt my credit when I have worked so hard to fix it not to mention my name, and my relationship with references and the way my neighbors view me now due to these people harrassing me and EVERYONE I know NON STOP.

Please, if you have NOT rented from RAC and are thinking about doing your research and see how many people have been abused and mis treated threatened and harrassed.

I have never ever in my life been sooooo disgusted with the way I was treated by an employee/company - ESPECIALLY after $4,200.00 and some change went in their pocket, makes my stomach turn and my blood race to know that this is a common business practice for them.

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I'm soo disgust with Rent A Center that I can't even explain it. If I knew they were mean, and a ripoff, I wouldn't purchase from them.

They gave me a broken lap table, and coffee table. they were suppose to come back to my house to pick it up, and it's been one entire year and they didn't. The day I paid off my payment, I told the manager that it needs to be fixed, because they kept making me wait months after months. So they told me to go home, and they were going to get it fix the week after with no charge.

A month after, I called back, and they kept ignoring my calls, until I blocked my call today.

Then the manager I guess, told me that they can't fix it, but if I want it fix then it was going to be charge to me.. They are such ripoff. They lie that my husband spoken to them, about everything, but my husband lets me do all the talking. and I know if it was my husband, he would of chew them out.

they are fake, and scams.

everything that I bought was suppose to be 1300. but I found out that they made me pay 3700 for my stuffs..

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