In February of '10 I went to RentaCenter for a queen size bed, at the time I was about 9 1/2 months and really couldn't sleep on the floor being that my brother had my bed in use at his home. I told them I needed a bed and I didn't want to pay alot for a bed...they made me wait 3 or 4 days before I got my bed which I had to leave work to recieve so I didnt look at it.

It was the worst bed ever and it took 7 mnths and about 8 different ppl to rectify the situation. It is now Sept 30th and I just got a decent bed yesterday...

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Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece #209590

so i am a current customer with rac. we have a 42" tv from them.

we make $70 a month payments. always on time. well on the 1st of november. i paid the whole month up.

the very next morning i got a call sayin that i have a payment due and it was late and being charged a fee. i told them i have a comf number from paying online. read it to the guy. he told me he didnt have it in his system.

so then said i either pay or they will come get the tv! well yesterday evening around 5 o clock, my daughter was having a seizure. at that time i had called 911. well a few mins later i heard a knock on the door.

i ran downstairs with my limo screaming 17 m old daughter. i went to unlock the door and thought it was the paramedic! well it was a rent a center guy! i told him my daughter just had a seizure and needed to leave ill call them in the morning.

i went to shut the door, he put his foot in the door and said not with out my tv. i said move out of my door way or im calling the police, he said no. i said 911 is on there way cuz of my daughter n will be here any min. well i then noticed that there truck wasnt even in my driveway!

they parked around the *** corner!!!! 911 got there and just as we were loading in the ambulance the guy came back saying he wanted his tv! also at that time my husband got there after leaving work and me calling telling him we r going to the hospital. the guy threatened my husband saying he didnt care if we paid.

and gave us a paper stating that our contract was canceled. this was at like 8 something at night! well my husband told him get off the property of he was going to have the police show up. the paramedics were concerned for the way the guy was there treatin us while my baby was on a streacher!

they told him to leave right away so we could go! he left. later that night when we got home. there was a note on are door sying he would be back to get whats his!

im scared as ***!

if i had the time i would take it back to them but i cant leave my daughters site right now at home. and i sure as *** dont want them near my house to pick it up!

Desnogorsk, Smolensk, Russian Federation #198515

I hear what everyone is saying. I am a current customer and what happened to me you can not make an excuse for it.

I had forgot about my payment and yes i was wrong but that does not give them the excuse to come to my house, and do what they did to my underaged son. They came looking for me i was still at work he told them i was not at home they guy said he would be back. He never left from outfront of my house waited 10 minutes and went back to the door told my son that they had just spoke to me on the phone and that i had given permission for them to come in my home and get the item that i had rented. My son told them no, wait for her to come home, the guy proceeded to state to him i am not leaving here until i get my merchandise.

So my son closed the front door called me on the phone the guy was sitting in his truck swing around a hammer. So yes i did call the store and report him when i got home i packed up the computer and took it back to the store and yes gave them a piece of my mind. I started to just call the police but i said no let them have their stuff, No i did not get an apology or anything from the gentlement. So stop trying to make it the consumer who is wrong they do have issues with in the company it seems to me that these issues go on it differnt states it has to be a rent a center policy.

It needs to be changed. Let it be know i will not rent from them again and if anybody asked me about them i share my experience and say enter at your own risk.


I will not contest your complaint that the mattress was not acceptable. I'm curious, were you renting a "New" or "Preleased" mattress?

I know anyone making purchases at a store or garage sale inspects the items they are purchasing before purchasing or accepting delivery on. Did you not agree to the time that the delivery was scheduled for? If you were rushed and did not have a chance to address the issue while you were receiving the item, did you arrange to resolve this with the store manager the next day? You just got your problem resolved and now you are seeking to publicly complain?

There are customer service numbers posted throughout the stores and on their website if you are not receiving adequate service at the store. Focus on a solution!

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