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I am a RAC customer as we speak. First the day of my delivery they broke my bedroom set, I had to wait a week for a different one because they did not have any more of the one i wanted in stock.

Second, I fell into a hard time recently. I had to take some time off work due to illness and even though some of my payments have been late it was only one or two days from the due date they did not care. The day that your payment is due the office starts calling my phone to harrass me for a payment when it is not even late!!! Even a credit card company gives you a grace period.

The only reason that I am STILL a customer is because it makes no sense to give back the merchandise when I only have 2.5 more months to pay these people. I have never met a rep that was willing to work with me but they will definitely threaten me and use rude language to "scare" you into paying. All i can really say is i wish that i had NEVER signed an agreement with this company, but it has taught me a valuable lesson.

If i can not afford to buy it when i want it then i will have to wait until i can. This is an awful company.

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Sorry for the typo-my payoff I was first told was $400.00 less the $50 I had just made and in THREE DAYS later when I went to pay it off in full it was raised back up to $550.00 with no explanation. The extra the store made from me was $150, not 400.


I agree. I had called the RAC I dealt with and asked for the payoff balance.

I was told it was $400.00. I had made my weekly payment of $50 so I asked the store manager that I was talking to I would owe $350. He said as long as I would pay it within the week. So, I called THREE DAYS later and said OK, I'm going to pay the account off in full.

Payoff balance was $550!I said WTF!!!!!Where did the extra @400 come from? The answer?

Well, the 90 day same as cash I didn't do and when I asked the store manager why did you tell me THREE days ago the payoff was $350, he said "too bad." Personally I think RAC commits fraud and they scare customers into "pay this or that or any figure we tell you or we'll take the merchandise and to heck with you attitude."I looked at my contract and it does not state what the store has done to me. Maybe RAC doesn't care but when they get lawsuits from angry former customers for fraud they may listen!


I agree. With all you are saying.

I rented from them was told my pay off date when I went to pay off it just happened to be the day before. Not only did they add 100.00 to the remaining balance they added another 13 weeks. The day that your payment is due the phone start's ringing at 8am back to back. You don't even have to be late.

I called in a payment 1 day late and paid the next payment ahead, the guy luis begin asking me how often do I get paid and if I was going to pay on time the next payment date. Also, they applied a payment to someone elses account and charged me a 5.00 late payment which they told me they took off after reviewing my payoff certificate they had applied it to my last payment. Bad customer service. They don't know a good customer from a bad one.

I have ask them to take my phone number off any promotions they are offering.Doesn't matter they continue calling. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SO CALLED COMPANY. In addition to all this, they even called my work, left message. Just reminding her payment is due on AC.

I only had to deal with company 6 month. Good luck to all the rest of you whom still owe.


Hi Miss Tee, I work for RAC. I’m very sorry to read about your recent illness and that you’ve had such a negative experience at your local store.

This is not the way that we want to do business. We do place reminder calls when payments aren’t received, but they should always be courteous and professional.

We encourage you to please call the Customer Support line at 1-800-422-8186 so we can get the details and investigate. We wish you a speedy recovery.

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