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I visited the cape coral store in search of a laptop. They where quick at talking me into a "great" laptop and making me feel like they are giving me a deal.

However, after I had signed the contract for over $1000, I went home and searched information on the laptop only to find out that I could get the same model from $350-$500 anywhere else. The very next day I called RAC and talked to a person I know has been working there for a while and he told me I had 7 days to claim my money back. ( I had payed for two weeks). Day 2, I go to the store with the laptop and claim my money back.

I was denied my cash. Surprise, surprise. They wrote me a store credit coupon which is still probably on the counter. I have no plans on ever going back to any RAC.

I expect to pay a little more since I'm making payments, but not to pay almost three times the product value.

Monetary Loss: $51.

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Cape Coral, Florida, United States #715258

Here's the deal for $800 they want you to pay $150 a month, A month up front, plus 25, plus $150 delivery. Then after four month you can pay it off?

There are only SMALL payments if you only purchase under a couple of hundred dollars. I get that they are a business making money but this is pretty much a shake down. Better off saving your money and paying cash.

Another rip off for people that can not get credit easily. Paying some upfront money is one thing the interest charged is extortion.

Dallas, Texas, United States #645548

Hi - I work at RAC and while we know renting isn’t right for everyone, our customers use us because we take small payments for items in a way that’s more manageable for them. At Rent-A-Center, we have a 90 day same-as-cash policy that we fully explain to all customers, if you choose to pay off your item in full within 90 days, then 100% of the rent you have paid is subtracted from the cash price. No credit needed, flexible payment plans, free delivery and repair service at no extra charge are some of the benefits that make sense for our customers and, if for any reason their circumstances change, they can return the merchandise at any time.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #645218

From everything I have ever heard about the rent to own places, they have really high interest rates. It is usually people that can't get credit anyplace else that use those places. I don't buy anything unless I have saved up enough to buy it outright, or unless the balance on my credit card is low enough that I feel like I can put a larger item on it.

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