The people at rent-a-center are *** my mom and i rented a computer from rent-a-center and then the computer started to mess up so we took it back to rent-a-center and they said they would send it off and get fixed so they call 1 week later and tells us are computer is back and we can come pick it up when we got home after picking it up we tryed to turn it on and it was still broke so a few days later we took it back again and the man that was looking at it said it was fine so i explained what was wrong with it and then he tryed to make me and my mom look dumb and so we just got sick of it and told them we just wanted another one and they gave it to us they are dickheads *** *** and nude DON'T RENT FROM RENT-A-CENTER!!!!!!!!!!

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We need to unite to file a class action suit. I have spoken with an attorney, please contact his office : RAC has done a great deal from unfair debt collection practices, harassment, deceptive prices . His name and office numbers are below: PLEASE CALL TO SEE IF YOU HAVE A CASE AND CAN BE ADDED .

Tom Holman

1250 Broadway, Suite 3701

New York, New York 10001

212-300-0345(Voice); 212-564-5468 (Fax)



I shouldn't be amazed by the lack of intelligence in the first 2 comments. So typical of RAC employees.......


sounds like they took care of the problem to me ....


you are a douche, you people probably kept getting viruses like all the idiots who can't keep computers in working condition. stop with the animal ***

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