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Okay for starters My husband used to work for rent a center, he was fired 2 weeks before christmas while hurt on the job, he got crushed by a 160 pound couch and had a contusion on his left side rib cage along with crushed cartilage. They fired him before his follow up to the doctor.

He was fired because Marry from guthrie rent a center didnt like him. She threatned to punch him in the face in front of employees and customers, and then when we filed 8 complaints to coorprate about her bullying him and cussing at him in front of customers instead of them firing her for threatning him they moved her to a managment position, every single person at rent a center that worked there had been late over 5 or 6 times but they chose to single out my husband and claimed they fired him for missing to many days of work....... This is where it gets messed up, We were renting from them and the DM sent our stuff to another store, why I dont know but since my husband was fired we had no money and we just had a baby who was 3 months old when he lost his job, so we couldnt make our payments and they knew that but the DM said dont worry about it until we get our first paycheck from another job, well rent a center took it upon themselves to call us 5 times within 1 hour and harrass my husbands 84 year old great grandma and my grandma and my step mom, so eventually i said okay come get your stuff, So they sent one of the men that harrassed my husband and bullied him in the work place out well he got the microphone system back and then said this isnt all of it...... Do you have the speaker and we said no it broke so we sent it back to the store to be sent off to service he then proceeded to say well then this will stay on your account until we get the speaker back (the speaker we dont have).

I told him we used an amplifier we had because i didnt think they were ever going to replace it. So he said the calls will continue and they will still come and knock on our doors, is there anyway I can put a stop to all of this PLEASE Im so desperate, they took the item back they should leave me alone right?

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Im super depressed already because it ruined my daughters first christmas and we are late on our elecrtic bill and rent. ....

Not to mention we know Marry didnt like him because she said if they fired my husband she would stay otherwise she was putting in her two weeks notice and we have proof he was being harrassed and bullied because the old manager told my husband in a text message " hey man im sorry they did this to you i should have put a stop to it they are doing the same thing to me now" .

So we have proof that he was beong harrassed and bullied in the workplace and instead of resolving the issue they made that person store manager,

Also not to mention one of them grabbed his phone at work while he was out at the car wash washing the company van and messaged me his WIFE and pretended to be him and said seriously leave me alone im at work and dont want to talk to you right now. When my husband told the DM about this he said

Well your phone shouldnt be out charging anyways......

And then gave everyone a writeup including my husband.

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Right.... Because I would totally lie about my daughters first christmas getting ruined because of the rude and non human heartless people that "worked there" including the COORPRATEif all you have is to call me a liar then I guess thats good ive been called way worse and your comment is funny to me because you know its nothing but the truth.

Rent a center is responsible for when our electric was shut off on 1 week before Christmas and why my daughter barley had anything under the Christmas tree. So THANK YOU FOR THAT RENT A CENTER!

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