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They have the worse customer service, I went to Ashleys furniture to purchase some furniture The girl from RAC was there she helped me finance my furniture, It took 2 months to get my furniture and then it was damaged I called several times no one ever came out!! Now I'm stuck with damaged furniture, and to top it off I was not told I had to pay it off before a certain time, so I was charged a ton of money!!!!



Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAC SUCKS TOO!!!!

It to bad since I love the furniture at Ashleys

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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First, It was RAC Acceptance that financed your furniture for you.

They paid Ashley Furniture for the furniture that you rented/bought from RAC Acceptance.

Second, RAC Acceptance had NO control over the delivery schedule of it's host store ( in this case, Ashley furniture) but they DO tell you when it be delivered. If you change the delivery date you cannot blame RAC Acceptance for that.

If you were having issues with a delivery or damage to the merchandise, you have way that the issue could be resolved.

I am not understanding how you did not know how much you were supposed to pay.....It is clearly stated in the Rental Agreement (Term, monthly rental fee, cash price....ect)

If you have questions about the agreement you need to speak with the SM at that location. You can also call the customer service line (look at

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