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i worked for rent a center and i know first hand of their bullying scare tactics and over all shiester buisness practices. let me put your mind to ease if you are being harrassed for non payment of your items

1) if you fail to pay they can not come to your home and demand payment.

2)they can not enter your home and seize the items.

3)they can not wait outside your residance to confront you about payment.

4)they can not call your referances and enquire about you for non payment

5) you are not required to give them the items back.

6)they must stay away from you and your home and freinds. if they want the items back by law they are to leave you alone and file a small claims action for the items. this process can take up to 6 months or more. in the mean time the items depriciate in value. you do not have to attend the small claims hearing. what will happen is the judge will dissmiss their case against you and inform them that like a credit card this is a credit issue and they need to put it against your credit rateing. if they are doing any of the things i mentioned in 1-5 you can call the police and tell them they are harrasing you and/or scareing you your family and freinds. also, BIG NO NO RENT A CENTER CAN NOT CALL YOUR WORK FOR YOUR NON PAYMENT!

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I have been charged with a felony for not returning the items on time I have been arrested lost my job I have court coming up but renT a center has there items do I think they will dismis the charge


That's not true. I just went to jail for a warrant for not returning leased items.

Its considered fraud and a felony. Bad part is, he refused my payments cause I was 2 weeks late.Greedy man wanted the money I had paid and the merchandise so he could resale it.


I've rented from Affordable home furnishing in Louisiana, I called store to returned merchandise, after I missed calls from the store just made a month pass due, the have gotten a warrant issued for my arrest, when the whole I've been calling them to get there merchandise because I purchased new furniture elsewhere. I've called corporate office and the district manager calls me back saying turn myself in and then they will get a officer to export my family to my home to get there merchandise.


I returned the stuff I rented from them after requesting they come get it over a month ago now after only a months rental where I made 2 payments that month just like I was supposed to. Supposedly no termination fees.

They want money for the few days that lapsed after payment was overdue (think they give you 7 days before you either pay up or give it back) understandable maybe but not a huge issue to be calling multiple times a day from different numbers like that almost over a month later for 60 bucks at most after having their items back. What gets me is years ago I rented from them, a laptop and paid it off making my payments on time everytime and I also never received one call. Fast forward to twice somewhat recently and they will call you 50 million times starting early morning as soon as they open on the first day it’s due. I had planned to pay that first day online already but they literally don’t even give the person a chance.

That irritated me and was a red flag to me that something was possibly off about this company now because like I said, I didn’t experience this behavior years ago. I think they harass simply because they can get away with it but they got their items back like I said so I’m assuming they really have no options at this point.

They can file at the courthouse to get it but filing fees for that, court fees and any other fees not really worth it for 60 bucks but by all means if it means that much then go for it. I’ll also do my best to drag it out so they end up spending even more.

to Anonymous #1494158

I’ll end up being told to pay it if it goes to court obviously but in the end they will also be paying way more to get my payment.


You are so wrong on so many levels lol. Please don't practice law, also its friend not freind, rating not rating. Lol.


I have been getting called endless times about the stuff we are renting from them. My bf and i have hit a little bit of hard times and have told them that on the first we would have a payment for them, yet they still came and repossessed the items only after coming to my door saying they are from a church group to get me to answer the door. How is that legal when the manager agreed to us making the payment on the first


They came after ours and wouldn't take it they said it had bed bugs but it didn't now they are saying they are getting a warrant a year later


That's all a lie we can call precinct 1 and they send a officer to your house so we can pick it up

to Anonymous #1492693

That's a lie. I've been a recovery agent for 17 yrs.

Same case with us if we can not get to the collateral. Only thing we can do is go in with a replevin order. You can't just call the police and walk in someone's house.

Quit lieing. People like you give us a bad name.


a water hose full blast will keep them off your porch


What if they do not have your paperwork that is signed as they only delivered it but don’t have any other information from me

to AC #1478772

They don’t have a copy of my ID or anything. On top of they have me paying for a six piece bedroom set that I have yet to receive as it was a new item and what is on back order it’s been eight weeks


Question what happens if u offered them 300 they refused and they gave me bed bugs what should I do


The problem with Rent A Center is the fact that they are total idiots. The reason why they are idiots is because the people at the top are liberal Democrats.


I bought something from Rent-A-Center twice and it had bed bugs on it now they taking me through everything to get back my money or replace the items I think it's very unfair I am a loyal customer that's been with them for years paid off stuff


This is *** Literally everything he said is a lie. I currently work for rent a center.

We can do all of these things except enter your home. What we will do is take you to court and have an officer come out and let us get our *** back. And no, it does not take 6 months. Not even close!

This guy is an idiot! You are absolutely required to give the stuff back if you don’t pay, it’s not yours!

to Angela #1476692

Lies! You cannot stand around and wait outside someone's home and harass them for payments.

Not one employee will do that!

I promise you know good and well your life is more important than that. Who's risking their safety for payment and you're already getting paid hourly?

to Cubana80 #1487853

The rent a center here is they twisted my door *** rent a center come tomy house before 10 at 8 they are outside when im taking my kids to school they look thru my windows harass mebat work stand in front of my truck at the grocery storebtwo men they starting to scare me I bought a tazor they were doing this n I was 1 day late

to Angela #1477600

what you are saying is not exactly true it depends on how long you have rented. if the money paid and depreciation exceeds the cost they will not be allowed to repossess.

case in point I paid on furniture for over a year and a half was down to last 7 payments and ran into an issue.

I had already way over paid the value and they were not allowed to repossess. also if any relative's asked not to be called again they have to stop as the relatives did not enter to any binding agreement.

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