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i worked for rent a center and i know first hand of their bullying scare tactics and over all shiester buisness practices. let me put your mind to ease if you are being harrassed for non payment of your items

1) if you fail to pay they can not come to your home and demand payment.

2)they can not enter your home and seize the items.

3)they can not wait outside your residance to confront you about payment.

4)they can not call your referances and enquire about you for non payment

5) you are not required to give them the items back.

6)they must stay away from you and your home and freinds. if they want the items back by law they are to leave you alone and file a small claims action for the items. this process can take up to 6 months or more. in the mean time the items depriciate in value. you do not have to attend the small claims hearing. what will happen is the judge will dissmiss their case against you and inform them that like a credit card this is a credit issue and they need to put it against your credit rateing. if they are doing any of the things i mentioned in 1-5 you can call the police and tell them they are harrasing you and/or scareing you your family and freinds. also, BIG NO NO RENT A CENTER CAN NOT CALL YOUR WORK FOR YOUR NON PAYMENT!

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to Angela #1476692

Lies! You cannot stand around and wait outside someone's home and harass them for payments.

Not one employee will do that!

I promise you know good and well your life is more important than that. Who's risking their safety for payment and you're already getting paid hourly?

to Cubana80 #1487853

The rent a center here is they twisted my door *** rent a center come tomy house before 10 at 8 they are outside when im taking my kids to school they look thru my windows harass mebat work stand in front of my truck at the grocery storebtwo men they starting to scare me I bought a tazor they were doing this n I was 1 day late

to Angela #1477600

what you are saying is not exactly true it depends on how long you have rented. if the money paid and depreciation exceeds the cost they will not be allowed to repossess.

case in point I paid on furniture for over a year and a half was down to last 7 payments and ran into an issue.

I had already way over paid the value and they were not allowed to repossess. also if any relative's asked not to be called again they have to stop as the relatives did not enter to any binding agreement.

to Angela #1479552

What if I want to return the item

to Angela #1483689

You must not really work for Rent-A-Center once you check out the laws why don't you call a lawyer why don't you call the courthouse's it is against the law for renter center to even stand on your property come to anybody's work harass your friends harass your references *** you don't know what the *** you're talking about you must not work for Rent-A-Center because my uncle is a lawyer and my aunt works for the courthouse and I know all what you're saying is *** the kid that work for Rent-A-Center and all the *** they can't do he's the right one trust me you better check your fax and work up on your laws more because what you're saying is *** you guys cannot do none of that I know that for a fact cuz my neighbors got a restraining order on you guys and the cops already been on plenty of time to tell you guys to stay away if not your work is would be arrested and it is a civil matter if you do not hear the TV back nice try

to Angela #1486469

Wat if they deliver furniture and have no contract and I'm not on the lease they mess up I can keep it and not pay nothing all the have on me is a application


You worked for rent a center for how long


Thank you this helps a lot i owe Badcocksfl $3,000 in apartment furniture that i can no longer pay due to being disabled and undergoing recent surgery, i doubt they will try and get the stuff back as we all know they dont sell the best quality items, and under 2 months things are already falling apart


I work in the title pawn buisness and we do not check or report to credit, but we are still Debt Collectors!! We Still have to abide by FDCPA guidelines when it comes to collecting a debt.

Period. FDCPA IS FEDERAL, doesn’t matter what state you live in, every consumer agency or debt collector has to abide!! ALSO, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DEBTORS JAIL!! it is a debt.

Period. You signed a contract, they agreed to finance you a product.

(Just like a loan from a bank, or a finance co.) I’ve never heard of a finance company arresting someone who didn’t make a payment? Wise thing they can do is put it against your credit or send it to a collection agency, or small CLAIMS court

to Anonymous 123 #1492697

Very true. It's not like a titled vehicle or house.

In our line of work we can enter properties with replevin orders but most banks won't go through the hassle unless it's worth it. The replevin order takes so long and cost some money.


Stupid Advise here and very wrong


OK I am in the hospital just had surgery and and I have a laptop from them and I told them I was in the hospital can they call the cops on me for keeping it I plan on giving it back when I get out next month


Can u email me I have some questions prushaa@re1valleyschools.org


First of all, spell check. Now it depends entirely on your state.

In some states they can have you arrested for non payment. They can call you. They can visit your home. It seems that this post was made by a disgruntled employee, and unfortunately the post is full of misinformation.

The agreement that you sign is carefully made out so that all legalities are covered. If you cannot pay, simply return it - why deal with the embarrassment?


She not lien police tell u to take it to small claim courts its nothing thy can do

to Star69 #1472487

you are so right i was told this by a police officer

to Star69 #1472490

you are so right i was told the exact same thing by a police officer


Thy are doin me like this in im miss one payment only been a week in some change my check running late..


This whole post is stupid they can do everything this persons saying they can’t read your agreements before signing them


U can be arrested i just called state police to ask them im 14 days late pay them because if you dont they will file a report and send to court for a warrant. Judges think people r clowns that lease items and dont pay if you cant pay then return and why dont you want to return thats an intent to steal and will land in jail the process takes 6 months to a year

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