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i worked for rent a center and i know first hand of their bullying scare tactics and over all shiester buisness practices. let me put your mind to ease if you are being harrassed for non payment of your items

1) if you fail to pay they can not come to your home and demand payment.

2)they can not enter your home and seize the items.

3)they can not wait outside your residance to confront you about payment.

4)they can not call your referances and enquire about you for non payment

5) you are not required to give them the items back.

6)they must stay away from you and your home and freinds. if they want the items back by law they are to leave you alone and file a small claims action for the items. this process can take up to 6 months or more. in the mean time the items depriciate in value. you do not have to attend the small claims hearing. what will happen is the judge will dissmiss their case against you and inform them that like a credit card this is a credit issue and they need to put it against your credit rateing. if they are doing any of the things i mentioned in 1-5 you can call the police and tell them they are harrasing you and/or scareing you your family and freinds. also, BIG NO NO RENT A CENTER CAN NOT CALL YOUR WORK FOR YOUR NON PAYMENT!

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I have worked for Aarons Sales and Lease and was a manager trainee there....harrassing is what you are trained to do...my GM and RM told me that there is really nothing that they can do but report these customers if they fail to pay...yeah you can file on them...but they would rather work something out or just report it to their credit to prevent having a bad reputation. I dont know exactly how RAC works though...


I have been harassed by Rent a Center and I even got it on recording. The manager tried to insult me because I work at Subway by telling me to make him a sub and then hung up in my face.

Like that would motivate me. It's been nothing but a nightmare with them.


U ppl are *** bags rac will get there merch. One way or another this guy does not know what he is talkn bout ppl like this will never amount to anything if u ppl have any sense u will return the merch garnishments do not take 6months n we will get in ur house u don't have to be home we just need are legal! Locksmith suggest u ppl call ur rac stores


I owe like 200 on a laptop. If i set up a payment arrangement, can rent a center put a lock on my laptop? Because it will not come on now


Really it can go both ways depending on the situation. Now if you go into a place, rent a item and walk away without paying 1 payment or calling or anything, then yes you can be arrested.

The term for that is "stealing". And depending on the amount it can be a felony charge. But if you have made payments, talked to them let them know your situation, and show them that you are willing to pay them, then you will be fine, you just have to deal with the home visits and the calls until something is done. Yes that is legal to a degree, there is a line between debt collection and harassing.

If you have proven to them that you are willing to pay them back but they still take you to court, then it would be small claims and it will either be thrown out or the amount will be placed against your credit.

All depends on the judge. But just to save all the stress and bs that you and other people have to go through, just pay your bills, and if you can't then return the items or call them and explaiin your situation, (keep in touch).


I currently have a tv from rent a center. My mother passed away and I missed payments I try to explain it to them they did not want to hear anything about it.

I had to pay for my mother's funeral I'm not trying to blow them off trying to let them give me more time. They are a harassing me. Funerals take 3 days 2 viewings 01 burial.

They're getting the extremely pissed. What should I do??


I currently have a tv from rent a center. My mother passed away and I missed payments I try to explain it to them they did not want to hear anything about it.

I had to pay for my mother's funeral I'm not trying to blow them off trying to let them give me more time. They are a harassing me. Funerals take 3 days 2 viewings 01 burial.

They're getting the extremely pissed. What should I do??


I am involved with a local rent a center due to my wife's medical bills for cancer. I had a computer and a tornado destroyed my roof ruining everything in the house including the computer.

They said I am responsible for paying for it. I am a retired police officer in memphis TN.

I have been contacted and made calls regarding these complaints. It is a civil case.

to Robert Wade Middletown, New York, United States #601345

can they issue a warrant for my arrest?


as for coming in your home and taking it, YES WE CAN! it is called an "order of replevin" GOT IT good.

do your research!! lol and please people coming from a DAD with 4 kids and living an everyday life like the rest of you, PLEASE do not listen to this guy. please note comment on 10-31-10 written by the ORIGINAL complainer, He cant even spell original. LOL maybe RAC was easy on this guy, gave him a break.

maybe he almost had it paid off. anyway, good luck


you should do your research before posting false information as someone is likely to regret it. I work for RAC in FLORIDA and we put folks in jail ANYTIME someone fails to return or pay.

Same law as renting a car and not returning it. FS812.155 failure to redeliver leased or hired merchandise. FELONY WARRANT we try to get it back and notify you via certified letter, no response and we file criminal charges. The cop comes to our store and we give him your info.

THATS IT! and then they want to call saying im so sorry, ill pay or give it back. TOO LATE!!!! up to state attorney and the judge.

Law does vary by state. Come to florida and try, you will see


I hate to say it but the guy is right! yes some of you migth be lawyers and paralegals, but coming from someone who has worked for the company for over 2 years he is right to a degree.

They can take you to court but they weigh in the cost ratio before anything say you only owe 700 dollars on a lcd. taking you to court isnt really smart. Yes cops can get a locksmith and open your doors bu the runs usually 500 dollars and up for a price rent a center has to pay. So in the end yes we can call you, yes we can come to your house or work, and even call your friends and family and tell them your a dead beat that doesnt pay rent!

But in the end all you have to say is stop or ill contact my lawyer, or claim bankrupcy, thats the only way we stop. But at the end of day rent a center has thousands of people doing this, so unless he have over 6,ooo dollars worth of product, then good job you just ripped off a *** company.

the ghost that never lies

OoOoOoOo sounds like a pissed off termination ROFL. :p


blah ,blah ,blah blah,everyone on the floor no one move!!!! now hand over the washer and dryer wise guy! now doesn't that sound just a little ***,come on man it's not like you killed someone or your pushin crack or somethin.freakin rent a center people are a trip they get all into their job like their some special team of furniture ***.they can pound that sh@#,you couldn't pay me enough!


I cannot believe that someone would actually think they can come in a place of business, willingly surrender all their personal information, sign a LEGAL contract and still think they can get away with no payments. It is like your rent, mortgage, car payment, cell phone etc.

If you dont pay, you dont get to keep it!! Yes RAC is more expensive then buying straight out from most retail stores but if its your only option suck it up!!!!! As far as working for the company, it can be draining.

Long hours, every Saturday and not much off time. But good weekly pay and quick advancement.


Sorry I meant to say that yes this is very much a civil case AS WELL AS a criminal one.


So see now until the last one I was like wow...yes this is very much a CIVIL matter, not a criminal one. There is a thing called Failure to return rental property and dependent upon the actual amount of the item it CAN BE a felony. Felony failure to return rental property probably is going to get you looked at funny in court and then ordered....ORDERED to pay not just the amount of the TV, but also your court fees, attorneys fees and also a fine that goes into a victims rights account...

So when it is all said and done is that ghetto furniture that has been in the projects before it came to your house or that TV or whatnot really worth the already over inflated price??? If not then it *** sure is not worth three TIMES THAT AMOUNT.

I am NOT a lawyer, I am a paralegal (lawyers in my opinion are nothing more than eye candy for the court....we are the ones that ACTUALLY DO THEIR WORK...they are simply a mouthpiece to our hard work and research.)

So do you want to HOPE that your local rental appliance or rental furniture place or ANY rental agency for that matter (including rental car and rental trucks, i.e. UHAUL, and company's like that), hope that they are *** and do not listen during training, do not have the ability to call the local prosecuting attorneys office and also the local sheriffs office and report you well then you are going to simply get your credit smeared BUT thats why you go to a rental place such as these...not knocking you I have trashed credit too but that comes from medical mostly.

In the end, yes while you CAN stand on a public sidewalk, you CANNOT DO SO TO HARASS OR INTIMIDATE....that FYI is stalking...

You CANNOT do all the things that person said in the original post to an extent they are RIGHT....and the last poster you are right if YOU are that loyal of an employee that you want to "catch a case" for your rental company that at BEST you make 10 bucks an hour for and won't make the bond.

I think that if the second poster was in fact an attorney as stated, you should probably HOPE that you will not encounter that type of an immature and unprofessional type of lawyer, daddy probably pushed a little on that major, and maybe the reward of a sports car happened LMAO, I have yet to meet a professional that really IS an attorney that would conduct themselves as they did, but stranger things can happen right.

Good luck in the end, you do have a civil case FOR SURE, you WILL have a criminal case if the manager likes to report this it is called FAILURE TO RETURN RENTAL PROPERTY over or under 1500.00 depends on if you are about to get a misdemeanor or a felony.

Staff of rental center places (aka ex offenders, or got laid off when the economy tanked or just the ones that made you laugh a lot in class and didn't really like school) if you STALK OR WILLINGLY HARASS an individual, you will have a charge as well.....so if you LOVE your rental company and you aspire to maybe one day be a regional manager, maybe you will make employee of the month for catching a case of harassment of a rental company client, but more than likely you will just be fired. No one really wins. Pay your rental or take it back, don't be a lowlife *** if you can't pay for it, just give it back. And don't smash the property after it is in repo status. That is damaging property that is no longer yours.


This guy is so full of ***! I am an attorney *** and if a customer does not turn in an item and is not paid, it gets taken to court and judgement will be taken and treated like a non paid credit debt!

My god, Theft should never be a word that comes up in this because the company willingly let the consumer take the merchandise. My god some people are idiots!


to all the rent a *** consumers do not beleive a word these ones that are commenting i posted the origanel comment DONT LET RENT A CENTER BULLY YOU! i stand by every thing i stated.

these losers were even told by a cop that they are full of sh*%. no they can not have a locksmith pick your lock, no they can not have you jailed, the cops laugh in their faces! the only one that is at risk of going to jail is themselves, if they ae told to stay away from you and your family and freinds and they do not, you can call the police and tell them that you are scared of them and they will not go away, the cops will tell them once the next time if the cops have to come they will take them to jail. the cops can not stand these pigs!

so dont let them scare you with their comments.

they need to get a real job. also, they can not under any circumstances enter your home :grin


omg, that is SO funny.

Yeah, the police calling a locksmith? You people who work for rent-a-*** have no idea about the laws.

It is against the US CONSTITUTION for a police officer to open a door without a warrent.

Police DO NOT get involved with civil matters. STOP being a ***, and get a real job, or atleast stop posting BS on the internet, the local rent a *** has been told to NOT bother our department anymore...

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