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i worked for rent a center and i know first hand of their bullying scare tactics and over all shiester buisness practices. let me put your mind to ease if you are being harrassed for non payment of your items

1) if you fail to pay they can not come to your home and demand payment.

2)they can not enter your home and seize the items.

3)they can not wait outside your residance to confront you about payment.

4)they can not call your referances and enquire about you for non payment

5) you are not required to give them the items back.

6)they must stay away from you and your home and freinds. if they want the items back by law they are to leave you alone and file a small claims action for the items. this process can take up to 6 months or more. in the mean time the items depriciate in value. you do not have to attend the small claims hearing. what will happen is the judge will dissmiss their case against you and inform them that like a credit card this is a credit issue and they need to put it against your credit rateing. if they are doing any of the things i mentioned in 1-5 you can call the police and tell them they are harrasing you and/or scareing you your family and freinds. also, BIG NO NO RENT A CENTER CAN NOT CALL YOUR WORK FOR YOUR NON PAYMENT!

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I just recently fell behind on my bill for my tv and couch i am only a week behind ir reminds me of my job i haul does the same thing to get their money i am paying on thursday so they should be happy then

to Rent a center *** Jackson, Tennessee, United States #603352

Hey u *** ur so *** get the *** off here bro nowone said if u pay ur bill bla ba bla ur fine we said we broke u muther *** and dont wanna go to jail so give info on topic or *** off

to buckeyenutt #885598

Wow. You are an ***!


Go jump in a lake


I have seen some of the comments and I have been with them since 2000, and as time went by the staff has gotten awful. I packed up all the items I had but one and I just told them in no uncertain term will you get it, because of all the money you made on me, you will sell that same item to some one for the same price.

My goal is let the know that I know the rules and the Reform Act Laws of 2007 and I won't be bullied by no body and don't set foot in my yard cause you are at your own risk.

Customers, get on line and look up Rent-a-Center and know your rights. In the same week I return my things, others were doing the same thing due to management attitude.


Actually, in most counties. $20 bucks to issue warrant. Its the same legally as if you rented a car and didnt return it ;)


I lost my job and i had a form that simply said they would help me out as much as they could. my wife became pregnant and started working, 2 weeks ago she lost our babies.

I told RAC and they didnt care to even listen and threaten to send me to Jail.

They harass me and my family all the time. KARMA IS COMING RAC ;)

This guy is a *** its called theft of lease merchandise i have personally thrown 15 people in jail for itusally 90 days
to idot #607996
(a note of sarcasm)...Can you read a RAC application? Does RAC carry Hooked on Phonics?

It may be a worthwhile investment for you. Maybe when you have a day off from throwing "idot" in jail for "itusally 90 days". If you had better communication skills, I bet you could get a better job so you wouldn't be broke, as stated on 2/3. This may be an old thread, but it's never too late to encourage someone to educate themselves.

(Bring on the, way too angry, response.

I'll do my best to understand you. :roll

Ive been a loyal and ontime customer for nearly three years. I have now become six days late,and they are calling constantly.

Even calling my mom. I can't afford to make payment,and I'm within $500 of paying off two items. Can they pick up the stuff? Or will I be arrested?

I need these items but it's not worth being arrested. I just can't afford them right now and they won't work with me. I can't see giving them back when I'm so close to having stuff paid off.

Please help. Thanks!


I am $417.00 from paying off. I am past due $247.00.

I called to make a payment and they refused to take a $50.00 payment.

I am so tired of their B.S. I refuse to give my stuff back if they refuse to take a payment and only owe $417.00 to payoff.



to its theft #586371

pay a bill on something that cost 1000 bucks and they are charging a total of 3000 for the merchandise what a rip off.

to its theft Plano, Texas, United States #600588
You guys are the thieves. I wish that everyone in this world would see what criminals RAC is.

You charge 5 times what anything is worth. I had to buy from you for the first time in my life and payed off MY merchandise in one year. I am 38 years old and if I was one day late RAC harassed me at work, home and even my teenage daughter. What a sucky job their employees have...a professional bully!

Yuck...I am so thankful that I was only unemployed for 5 months as a nurse. These guys should be ashamed. Everyone that buys from RAC aren't thieves, but you treat everyone as they are. People only buy from you guys as LAST resort because of hardship in their lives.

RAC should keep their prices fair and you may have returning happy customers.

Instead, you rather cheat people. :(
to its theft Houston, Texas, United States #612157

*** you yea i am a theif *** paying anyone whos stealing from you *** you goody goody hoes dont pay sh*t quit working for a boss be a boss and stay on your grind dont be scared of these RAC hoes or these *** *** people tryin to give you sh*t hit em with a fist or a bullet they'll leave you alone

to TangoBlast713 Houston, Texas, United States #696264

Wow bro your just dumb you have one life and you want to be a *** off I was in the marines for 8 years did my time to protect people like you I work at rent a center as a store manger we help the people who can't buy the stuff they want but can't afford to put all that money down on it then we have people like you. Get a life get a job and doing some thing worth standing up for.

to its theft Rochester, New York, United States #620678
:eek :eek :upset :x :x :x . i had them camping outs my house.

sooo i gave up ..... and gave them some coffe and two donuts to go. one guy said can i watch the basketball game .so i open my blinds and gave him a chair .. he look like hill billy .he makes 8.00 dollar hour.

i will kill myseif if i had to do that hill billy job.. :upset :upset :x
to its theft Chicago, Illinois, United States #623241

Mind ur own bills *** and I hope sum one robs ur house ***

to its theft #624087

It really did get stolen, I forgot to mention a previous laptop I bought from them, was 2 years older than they claimed! I got it home and it had stuff downloaded from 2008!

They acted like i was the *** and told me that they sit in warehouses unused for long periods of time!

Guess the warehouse ghosts did all the downloading! DERRRRR

:upset I rented a ps3 and lost my job and moved back in with my parents and i had it in storage well lost my storage because problems with unemployment pay so could not pay the payments now they are calling me 24/7 i cant afford to catch up so just gotta ride it out they wont work with me already explained my story. they are suppose to stop bugging you if you have been layed off and try and work with not a good company.

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