Purcell, Oklahoma

I recently got a couch and a tv, I paid the deposit or the fee for getting the items in the begining and I made a payment. I was a little short on cash for the next month, and I have or had every intention on paying it .

It has now not even been thirty days late and they already want to call my job as well as every contact I listed every single day, and show up at my house. Like come on 180 dollars that I am less then 30 days late.. Lets get serious.. and then they want to call and get and attiduded and thank they are someone so important..

They dont pull your credit and are willing to loan you funtuire while you pay in the end double of what the actual value is..... He THOUGHT he was a grown man saying I make 53,000 dollars a year.. WHHOOOOOO!!!!

CONGRADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not customer service...

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Read the contract you signed they had all rights


*** them don't pay keep the *** and they send it to collections fucken all these dumb *** talking *** acting like they own rent a center


Haha they're supposed to pick your things up if you are 1 week late.... my fiancee works there and he would be fired if he let someone go as long as you.

pay your bills so my boyfriend can keep his job and I can feed my kids... loser.

to Meg #1100779

May be anonymous but my name beau and your a *** loser get a better job and support your kids and quit having kids since you cant support them and p.s. get a fiance who makes more money then that because thats pathetic


Your spelling indicates that you're a 3rd grade dropout. Dumb as dirt.

You're a complete ***. You don't pay your bills and then get annoyed that someone has a problem with it. Besides, you are a ***.

Go back to school and learn how to be a human being. ***, ***, ***!


Did u mean don't rent? Stop being a theft, if you didn't pay ur gas bill in 30 days past the due date what would happen?

I know what they would do.... shut yo s#*t off thats what!

Why dont you just give them back there stuff this isn't pay when you want you signed a AGREEMENT sitting you would make ur payments on time! Deadbeat


people kill me talking crazy ifyour job forget to pay you but its been less than 30 days how would you feel hmmmm think about it and read nobody put a gun to your head


YOU agreed to pay all your payments on time. YOU were late on your payments. If YOU can't pay your payments on time then they have every right to come after you because it is there item(s) and not yours.

to So sad #1099260

*** that fine out were he lives go knock on his door put some sand in his gas tank scare his family they stop going to ur house ..thats what did..***with me rac il go destroy ur trucks

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