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sitting on my couch at home last night i got startled by a big bang on the side of my apartment as my pictures on the wall had shaken and fallen to the floor.i go outside to see what caused this and as a rent a center truck is going to the back house behind mine. the Spanish male that was in the truck runs down to say very loudly and ignorantly don't worry about it we will fix it,but with an attitude!

i said OK i will call my landlord so he'll know what happened. so i go inside and come back out because my girlfriend called me then he came down assuming i was on the phone with the landlord and he was yelling loud i told you we would fix the dam thing. as i answer who are you getting loud with, then the African American male started to get ignorant as well. so then i told them both that it would be fixed before they left.

but then they told me that the landlord had to be present. i said okay then they kept on and then they were swearing in front of my girlfriends infant and other young children. then she asked them if they could move the truck so she could get into her parking spot and her children upstairs and as they did she waited in the street other cars started honking horns at her. the Spanish got got aggravated with the honking and started getting ignorant as he assumed it was her honking her horn and it wasn't, so he started going off yelling in Spanish as to assume we didn't understand him.

as he called her a *** "esta *** madre" even other people herd him say this..... so i told him in spanish don't think because we are American that we don't understand Spanish. then he shut up real quickly. My personal comment i would like to say to rent a center if you do not have clearance with the truck don't be lazy walk the product to the house...don't break things that don't belong to you...

and they for surely need to teach the drivers customer service and manners...

there is absolutely no reason for the disrespect there customers and neighbors..... i will never ever ever ever buy anything from this company and i used to be a customer.

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Stop reposting. We got the hint the first time you posted this bogus cr@p.

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