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Dear dum dums. Of course rentacenter (pawn shops, cash loans) businesses are a complete waste of money.

They prey on the poor, the ***, the entitled (like you). You are not mature enough to wait 4 - 6 months and SAVE your cash until you can pay for it and save 2 - 4 times the amount. Ridiculous. What is wrong with all you dum dums who go to these places?

I don't feel pity for any of you dum dum *** buckets. We all laugh at you poor *** people who go into these businesses. We know you. You spend every penny on booze and cigarettes and these predatory businesses.

Your houses (trailors or rented shat holes) are horrible. There is dog shat, or cat *** all over the place, mt. dew can strewn all over your floors that haven't been cleaned in years, cigarette butts all over the place, burn holes in everything, but yeah, you have to have that 70" big screen TV or that expensive fridge.

What a waste of life you all are. Thanks too for being sponges on all us hard working tax payers.

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