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okay i said i was gonna post what i purchased at rent a center & as you look at what kind of products they are selling, i dont know how this works, i pay and pay but within 5-6 months later these turn out to be results of what i thought was real leather...bummer!!if i can post the photos i would let you see the facts are true!and i have tried calling to still resolve this issue but obviously the staff just does things when convient for them to do it.i jus know im posting photos soon so this scam wont happen to the next cutomer.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Have to say they coming pick mine up tomorrow for being a few days late and I am glad they are because I take very good care of my things and honestly no one sits on them much and they starting to tear as well and they supposed to be new and I have been noticing marks all over


All leather at RaC is "faux" leather. That is not pronounced "fox" it is French for "fake".

You have no case in court.

And service covers wear and tear. But I think it's your own fault, because that looks like pet damage.

Lady Nightmare

Have you paid for this in full? If not then they are obligated to pick it up and either fix it or replace it.

I bet if you miss a payment they will be at your door in a hot second!

If you paid for it and the reciept says it is genuine leather, then take them to court. Small claims court is quick and if they don't show up you win.

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