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I'm here to tell you the truth about Rent A Center. Take my advice as golden because I am a 9 year former RAC employee!

If you want some free goodies all you have to do is rent a few things then never pay for them ever again. How is this possible you ask? The law hates RAC & they wont do anything to help them collect on their merchandise. RAC will threaten you with legal action & police!

Its all an act! All you need to do is is ignore the phone calls & if they do call the police then just tell them the merchandise was stolen!

Yes this seems simple & it is very simple & the honest truth. Pass this info on to everybody you know because RAC deserves to pay for all the years of stealing from the less fortunate & the credit challenged!

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I rented a tv from rent a center and it’s broken I owe 700.00 on it I don’t have the money to pay for it and they won’t come pick it up because it’s broken if I don’t pay them what will happen?


Not true at all. I’ve been a store manager in three different states. I have taken people to court and garnished wages in all three.

to Anonymous #1576702

If u have to pay money to rent a center. Does the court give u time to pay?? Thanks


My son rented 2000.00 of equipment from Renta Center . How ever the merchandise was stolen and because he doesn’t know who took it , he continued making payments .

Then he recently got behind in payments. Renta Center then refused an 100.00 pymt . And they came to collect at my job .

I don’t make enough to afford a lawyer as I’m now raising my son and forced to live with my mom. I’m afraid , they’ll arrest me now and I’ll loose my son .

to Penny #1553100

Your son is legally responsible for paying for the merchandise, as outlined in the legally binding contract he signed. If the merch has really been stolen he can file a police report and take said report to the store manager.


If rent a center delivered goods and i didnt sign contract do I still have to pay it


White people stole America soooooo ppl gone steal from Re t A Center


Do rent a center give a free month after you been paying over 4 months


*** RAC with that OLD *** REUSED PRODUCTS. And selling over priced,as if it's NEW.# RTG. IF you can't afford it now,just have FAITH, SAVE and YOU'LL GET IT..AGAIN *** THE RENT TO OWN.ALL OF THEM......


Question...My ex who does not live with me rented a ton of furniture and electronics. He has left the rented merchandise in my home.

Do I have to allow rent a center to come into my home n retrieve it, or should they take the legal matter up with the ex? The merchandise is not in my name n on the invoices his address is not mine, I feel this is harassment because rent a center is contacting me n not the customer I have been storing this stuff so should I charge storage fees..lol but seriously if the merchandise is gifted am I responsible to give it back?

to Heather #1529146


to Heather #1553090

Depends on the state. I have been a store manager in CA, AZ, and NC and in all three you are still in possession of stolen merchandise and can be held responsible in court.


I have a question if I have been renting a sofa and love seat but no longer want item or simply want to exchange is that possible even if sofa and love seat are not in good condition?Please feel free to email me with a responseMjimenez0014@yahoo.com

to Marina jimenez #1491593

I don't work for RAC but I've been with them for 8 years. You are allowed to exchanged your furniture for new ones or used ones. I used to have a dinning table from them and I exchanged it 3 times and there was no problem until one day I returned them to buy it cash but yes you can do it.

to Anonymous #1553102

Where have you been working for 8 years? As an associate of any level you should know how to explain our policies better than this.

No, you can’t do an even exchange of a used item for a brand new one.

It’s important to explain to the customer there will be a price difference if it’s an upgrade in merchandise. Also, the used merchandise can only be returned in re-rentable condition.

to Marina jimenez #1553091

Has to be returned in re-rentable condition or you’re still responsible for the remaining balance. And you can’t exchange a four year old sofa that’s in poor condition for a brand new one and expect not to pay more.

Customers love to try this one.

Think of it like trading in a car. You’re going to pay something extra if you’re upgrading.


Lol wow you just told them how to create more debt sir. RAC will by all mean files theft charges if possible in any state and if that fails your wages will be garnished it depends on the store manager and credit manager if they want you they will have you SMH your *** for setting people up for failure

to King #1491598

Lol. The RAC that I have an account with used to have this guy who was actually the one who was responsibly for filling the police report etc.

and he told me to do that. He actually said the same thing as this guy that they won't do anything major to you.

I don't like to have problems with the law or anything like that but if I was a crazy person maybe I would've done it. ( Not even if I was crazy).


I personally know someone who told me he rented a 60 inch smart TV.. out the door for 9 bucks not even two weeks later made a police report about the TV being stolen and now he can still walk right into another RAC and do the same thing

to Rob kentucky #1443271

Lol try your luck I hope it’s in my store

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