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I am 1 week behind on my payment.i know this i don't need to be reminded 4 to 5 times a day.

being harassed by phone call after phone call. my wife is on the edge of a nerves breakdown because of this. they will get there money they always do. they have not fulfilled there part of the contract.

they have not repaired our stuff and have not gave me my speakers for my computer. now they are threatening law suite. fine i will counter sue with harassment charges.

i am not a child.i take care of my business

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Im sorry but when my family is two weeks behind and they promise that they will work with you on the payments and call and harrass you as well as references its not right.The last payment that I made I talked to the assistant manager and explained to her when I was going to be making another payment and now were going to court.

Does that really sound fair to you.:(


I have bought several things from RAC over the years.First off I won't buy something if I know I can't afford it.

Second I know they are going to call me on the day it is due and personally I don't mind because sometimes I just forget. I like buying knowing that if my income changes it won't effect my credit. This is important to me. If you pay the way you are supposed to they won't call and bug you and if you are late you can make arrangements to make good on your payment they seem to work with you.

They are a business. Don't complain because you are not paying and they are doing their jobs. Pay the bill or send it back.

It just that simple people.I will be buying a laptop for my son this christmas there and I won't be putting myself into debt by putting it on a credit card and I can pay if off in 90days like layaway only better.


first of all, you people have no idea what these people at RAC do, Example this morning at 10:00am got a phone call saying payment is late.Yesterday was a holiday, and they want the late fees.

I also have a recording of a RAC employee on my porch telling me he is going to kick my *** off duty. and would not leave until police called. One more that would blow your mind . A freind of mine was late got harrassed all day.

After work that employee went out got drunk, called her and threatened he was coming over to rape her. NOW YOU TELL ME WHATS OK ABOUT THAT.

IM on a mission to take out RAC im sick of being treated like this.and IM not late with my payments.


they not only break the law they harass people.It is illegal to call someone repeatedly that is harassment.

If you look at it on the fair debt collections act you will see it on there what R A C does is illegal period. You can have something from them and never been late and they call u the day its due 5 times before you even get a chance to come in the store.

Noone should ever go to them that is why they are going out of business because they dont know how to treat people and they harass people.So to yall who work there f*** off :(


read up on it ........ it tells you what they can do and what they cant do do not let rac make you feel like a child :(


sounds like the reason why they are calling you is because you are late to frequently.rac knows people are going to be late.

but how much should they let u get away with. if you have 7 out of 10 payments on time its not a big issue. but there shouldn't be a reason why ur late everytime. if u don't want them to call then pick up the phone on the first or second ring of the day instead of the third and let them know what time they will recieve the payment and give them a time instead of oh sometime later.

by they way u could just return the item to alleviate the back rent and come back on get it when u get paid.

by doing so ur 90days same as cash starts what a bonus.

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*** off and die ***


pay the bill or maybe talk to them and if is still a problem just return the ***, you will never win a countersuit, been through a few, if you need something and the underlings dont get it done talk to the store manager but you can always return instead of complaining on some website like a child, learn the system


There is not a problem with liking RAC some times people have to shop with them, however these peope need us like we need them.They need to cultivate a relationship with their customers get to know their customers.

They have customer that have made and paid out several accounts and they treat them like ***. The customer is there business and you are saying the same they need us to stay in business and that's why they are losing a lot of customers.

The thing to remember that sometimes people are late, but this is one of our regular customers who have brought several items from us let work with them is the kind of attitude they need to adopt.They are over zealous debt collectors, with unscrupulous debt collection pratices.

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