i once worked for RAC, its the DMs and RDs telling the store employees to act the way they do towards the customers who have past due accolunts. its true they take the shitiest merchandise and try to make 4 times what they paid for.

they claim they wanna help people but they have quotas they have to hit daily and they will do anythin to hit those numbers. as far as pressing charges they cant and wont unless u have had the item for less than 2mnths. my advice as a former RAC manager is get an item, the best and most expensive one, make ur paymnts on time for 2 months and never pay them again.

they will charge ur account off and sell it to a debt company and they will leave u alone and move on to other customers. *** u RAC and MARK SPIESE!!!!

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Will they put a warrant out for arrest if payments aren't made?


What does skip stolen mean


Why don't ANY of you understand if you use RAC, PAWN your items, or use Cash Advance Businesses you are just THROWING your hard earned MONEY AWAY!? How do you NOT get that?


if i pay by the month will they refund me for returning it early


I had mines for a month I made only one payment and stopped making them and they called constable so what can comstable do to me


Well we made payments ontime. They want to pick all our stuff up cause we damaged one item.

We didnt not pay on it and they said they picking it all up Monday. If i pay for it ill keep it and sue the *** outta them monday if they try.


Everyone stop renting start buying even if you have to save to do it.most place's have a layaway plan pay on it and it's yours no bills,no late fees,and no interest.

to Tina #1406063

The thing is most of those companies usually give you 120-180 days "usually 90 in some cases" but be cautious and if you do utilize the same as cash plan make sure the item is new and obviously do 1 thing at a time. I've done it and prefer to not use my credit cards even though I could just put it all on credit and pay over time if I wanted but...

I have a thing of actually owning my items.

If you can't save $2,500-3000 in 4-6 months you have a problem that's deeper than you can't afford it and if that is the case sorry you shouldn't be getting stuff you can't afford period.

to Erick #1562365

Your obviously single with no kids...

to Britt #1564993

Nope. Two kids.

Just smart and mature with money.

If I can't afford it, I don't get it. I am not at ten year old who can't wait.

to Britt #1567054

What does having kids or not have to do with being responsible and smart with money? Now your blaming your financial mess on innocent kids?

WOW. Loser.


I got a TV that was pre-owned for 600.00 I have already paid 688.00 and they still trying say I owe over 500.00 really mess up.

to Laverne Cook #1406066

You didn't read the agreement, the rent-to-own price added on is in most cases several hundred dollars and TVs for example can easily add $1000 or 2 if you're not careful. You should never accept pre-owned stuff period, make them order it if they have to, also buy 1 thing at a time!!

A living room set "sofa, loveseat, recliner, some tables" shouldn't be more than a few grand so utilize the same as cash option! If your budget allows you to save $500/mo than well put it directly on the item and in your case would have been paid off in 6 weeks "if you got paid bi-weekly".

You're likely on a 12-24 payment option that probably costs $50-100/mo right? then yea can easily see you having $500 left because guess what?

Like a credit card ALL interest is paid before any will ever be applied to the principal balance and the payment is built in to the set term you agreed to.

I did put a Oled TV on credit "$2,299" sadly bought it before the holiday pricing or even knew LG did it on yearly basis as mainly only bought Samsung TVs for the longest time... At any rate yes I will likely pay interest but that $2,299 will be paid off in less than a few months so honestly not worried about it.

to Erick #1564994

You are "honestly not worried about it"? You can you not be worried about it.

You are spending a lot more money than just waiting a little (like a mature adult).

Go ahead. Make the CEO of this predatory business rich while you wallow in debt.


I haven't paid RAC in 2 months because of cut back on job hours, what can they really do they call and come by daily but I don't open up so what's next, help please.

to Guy next door #1406067

You should have called and they could have gotten "their" stuff back, and they offer something like where if you can't pay you can resume on the same or similar item when you can. You're being *** stupid, and depending where you live in the US YOU CAN GO TO JAIL!

to Erick #1407508

In wut state is that? I dont think in michigsn u cant

to Erick #1411335

U can not go to jail when u pre own something it will jus *** up ur credit

to Anonymous #1562367

That’s excatly right! You cannot go to jail, they will threaten you as much as they can and then send your account to a debt collector.

I worked for rent a center and that’s all they do...THEY CANNOT PRESS CHARGES ON YOU! This Erick guy is an idiot and probably a very lonely loser who has nothing better to do than sit on his computer and tell people how stupid they are for doing things that he doesn’t do

to Erick #1430631

I talked to a lawyer you can not go to jail they say that to scare you. All they can do is put it on your credit

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