i once worked for RAC, its the DMs and RDs telling the store employees to act the way they do towards the customers who have past due accolunts.its true they take the shitiest merchandise and try to make 4 times what they paid for.

they claim they wanna help people but they have quotas they have to hit daily and they will do anythin to hit those numbers. as far as pressing charges they cant and wont unless u have had the item for less than 2mnths. my advice as a former RAC manager is get an item, the best and most expensive one, make ur paymnts on time for 2 months and never pay them again.

they will charge ur account off and sell it to a debt company and they will leave u alone and move on to other customers.*** u RAC and MARK SPIESE!!!!

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Everyone stop renting start buying even if you have to save to do it.most place's have a layaway plan pay on it and it's yours no bills,no late fees,and no interest.


I got a TV that was pre-owned for 600.00 I have already paid 688.00 and they still trying say I owe over 500.00 really mess up.


I haven't paid RAC in 2 months because of cut back on job hours, what can they really do they call and come by daily but I don't open up so what's next, help please.


Can I get charge with charges for renting a TV and not paying for it


Okay, chiming in here:

Yeah I agree if you cannot pay your bill you should return it.

But for someone to go anonymous and name call?Sad.

I'm a 27 year old man that uses RAC from time to time.

never had an issue because I pay my bills on the due date or before the due date. See, the trick here is to make sure you can afford it. Look at your weekly or bi-weekly income and compare it to your bills. Can you afford it?

If yes, then by all means knock yourself out! Can you not afford it?

Then why would you even consider it in the first place?

Just do what I do, look at your monthly bills a few months at a time.

It really isn't hard to manage your money if you are smart about it.

to Phil #1385467

Phil, how can you even say "be smart about it"????PLEASE tell me how it is advantageous in ANY way is it to rent at rentacenter?

Please. You pay 3 to 3 times more. How is that being smart? Do a little research.

Look on the internet. For example, "is renting from rent a center" fiscally responsible"? Then tell me what you find. Go look up Dave Ramsey and research what he says about it.

I WORKED there for 3 years (unfortunately). Stop throwing your money away. Seriously, WHO rents a couch rom RAC? Smart way would to be to go to an auction or garage sale.

Pick up something Cheap until you can afford it at a box store at a fraction of the price.Common sense, or should be.


Can rent a center take a payment at front door of a owners home from someone not on account for someone else that is renting from store???

I paid rent a center $115.00 (they stated he was $150 passed due with with late fees") for items at my door for man living with me and was out of town for work that whole week and was passed due they refused to leave unless payment was made even refused to move there truck made me late for work and so rude saying I probably use items to so i can pay. I even had to ask for a receipt they gave me a door hanger receipt "sorry we missed u"


rented a washer dryer for 2 years off them got a couch and tv few months ago they demand and have threaten the law on me and demand i return couch and tv but not washer and dryer cause I live in the same house as a old client they say stole from them and they refuse to rent to that person so i cant have my couch and tv but allowing me to keep washer and dryer but the store never reported anything stolen or did a report just black listed her...Should I cancel my check i paid them for all items and return everything even washer and dryer or what store WILL NOT do anything but scream law we want r stuff only couch and tv


I had 2 couches and a dining set from rac for about a month and my ex let me use his card but after we got into an argument he cancelled his card and rac said I had the items for a month and that the payment didn't go through.Now I owe them $160.

I'm not working or anything. What are they gonna do? The items are already returned back to the store.

I just owe them the money..what if I don't pay it?

to Tianna #1373658

*** em the worst they can do iust report to to a credit agency. no big deal.

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