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I called my local rent a center store located at 6423 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102 to try and rent a tv.I was told by the manager that he will not let me rent from them again due to the following reason it took me 30+ days to return my washer and dryer set.

It did not take me thirty plus days to return the washer and dryer set. I got the set on July 31st 2017 I believe because I had recently moved into a new apartment at the end of July of last year 2017. The washer didn't work but the dryer did I called and told them that they told me to see if maintenance in my apartment could fix it. I was told that they couldn't do it cause it wasn't their merchandise and if something was to go wrong they didn't want to get blamed for it.

The same week I got the washer and dryer was the same week I was going into labor and my phone was stolen which one of the workers knew that because they called my phone and they said a men answered it saying this isn't her phone and she not around. So she called the references I gave on the application to get ahold of me. I was in labor at the time so I couldn't make a payment nor could I give the washer and dryer back at the time they asked be due to that reason. I applied to another rent a center that's like 4.4 miles away from my home they told me that they could not deliver my tv because I was to far and that is not my store location.

To call the one that's closer to me I did and the manager said because of that incident he will not rent to me I explained to him that the washer never did work that I told the lady that I talked to in the phone that. He said since that happened I could maybe rent another washer and dryer set from them but not a tv. Being very rude he as well told me it was still my job even if I was in labor to pay for the washer and dryer I missed the first payment that was due the week of or after I gave birth. I told them I would not got back to work until the twenth of August to give me time to heal a little bit I gave them the washer and dryer back but not no thirty plus days later.

He told me to call other stores that is not no where close to me that would not deliver to my area because of that. He don't want to let me rent no electronics for that reason. How can I pay anything if I'm in the hospital giving birth and out of work at the time on maternity leave from work. He wasn't very understanding at all.

I could understand if I did not give them the washer and dryer back at all but I did it may have been late but I gave it back.

I had no phone to contact them because once again my phone was stolen and he was calling my references phone I was in the hospital when I was released I told them they could come pick it up and they called my phone that someone had bought me and I had the same number they called when it was stolen.To make sure I was at my home I told them yes I'm not going anywhere I was not trying to keep the washer and dryer as I stated before I was in the hospital giving birth.

Review about: Rent A Center Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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How come all these bad things happen to worthless bottom of the barrel people like you (who use RAC, pawn, or Cash advance business)?I despise RAC, and people who use them are absolutely stupid.

But, RAC does tell you if you miss the first payment, they will come get THEIR product. Why then, would you miss the first payment?? You sign a CONTRACT. You PROMISE to make timely payments, especially the first.

Why would you not follow your promise? If you can't even make the first payment, what kind of precedent is that setting? Just STFU.

Stop going to places like these.They are predators.

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