I bought a loft bed and I couldnt use it for 3-4 weeks .But I had to pay on it since it was in my house ..But It was in peices cause they couldnt find all the parts..Now it keeps falling apart. And ,my 12 year old is scared to use it after i paid 1,000 for it!

I am so mad at this company I will never rent from then again and I tell every one about my *** service and *** product...

Thanks Rent a Center for such A *** up product!

I got my Product from The Columbus,IN store. My name is April Anderson....

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Calling the regional manager today!


These RAC guys speak more loudly about what idiots and jerks they are than the customers!

Just read how they GANG up on every complaint... you can take the thug out of the hood but can't take the hood out of the thug!

They really don't know how to read themselves, which is I guess why they keep saying to read the contract.

Better off renting from your local mex gang.

(I came here to check them out before I rented... I won't!)


Dear Never again,

I know from experience if you contact the store manager, boss he will get you taken care of...try it ok?

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