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We got a couch love-seat and tv from RAC. We were told that our payments were worked out so that it was all going to be paid off in 90 days.

Well we noticed as of today that we have paid a month over our 90 day agreement. Come to find out in order for us to have finished paying them off in the 90 days we would've needed to pay an extra $40(on the last payment of our 90days). So instead of letting us know that, we are now paying double what anything is worth!

The people that we talked to were extremely rude and wasnt wanting to tell us any infortmation that we needed to figure this whole thing out! So we are sending it back and NEVER dealing with RAC again!

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I agree with Kmas, you gotta pay over the weekly amount & if you go bi-weekly, it actually helps you pay it off quicker, I JUST paid off my TV & Tv Stand a few days shy of my 90 day close date,the KEY is to pay over your minimum & I do agree that they WON'T call you and let you know "hey your 90 days is coming up, you GOTTA be proactive & as far as giving your stuff back, THATS crazy, because someone else can just swoop in & take over your payments & get your couch for cheap, like i did with my TV, LIKE any company they are out to profit, but if you get the billing process & can double up its a great way to have a "lay a way" plan but have use of your item while you pay.


Yeah...this review is probably from not paying attention. You can't go off of the amount per week listed on your agreement, you have to take the same as cash price and split it up by weeks during the 90 days.

What's listed as weekly on your agreement is the minimum payment due each week.

I just paid off a brand new whirpool he washer & dryer from rac within 90 days and paid what I could each week. Pretty awesome if you get it!


Hi – I work at RAC and I’m sorry the availability of "90 Days Same As Cash" wasn’t made clearer to you in time to take advantage of it. However, your store can provide you with other Early Purchase Options, so you can pay off your item when you’re ready and still save significantly on the remaining total cost.

Please call your store directly to ensure they resolve this for you.

If you require additional help, feel free to give us a call at Customer Care at 1-800-422-8186. Thanks.

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