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About a year ago, I purchased a second hand washer from the Rent a Center in New Britain CT. I did this because of failing health. It made it easier for me to live a halfway normal life.

During the coarse of the year, the washer has been to the Rent a Center repair shop 4 times. This time makes 5, and it's for the same problem, a non spinning tub.

When the machine broke, I gave a call to the maufacturer, Whirlpool. They advised me that Rent a Center was the first person I should have called. That for the first year, they are the ones that are suppose to take care of the washer.

Let the fun begin.

I just want to say, it's not the end of the year, but it's close.

Has anyone ever made one of those phone calls? By those I mean where you say you want to speak to the manager and "He can't come to the phone, but will call you back"?

Lets get serious, they don't call you back.

I went to the store and caught up with the manager. He told me he had just got back. Unlike Maria, who had claimed he was with a client. He refused to fix the washer, basically told me "you do whatever you think you have to do". Then walked away, leaving me standing in the middle of the room.

Soooooo... I spent 350 dollars (something I don't usually have) for a washer that basically lasted a grand total of 1 year?

Being no help, I went to another store to get the district managers phone number. Things got ugly. I was asked to leave.

Again, 350.00 for a washer that lasted one year?

Love that customer service!

Went home and tried to call the 800#. I was told they were told to ignore my calls.

I just want to thank the people at the West Main st, New Britain CT, and the East Main street store, New Britain CT for selling me garbage, treating a customer like dirt, not solving the problem presented, and leaving me with the problem of having to heavy lift laundry when I am not suppose to.

Some of the more popular questions I got handed included:

1) Didn't you realize you were signing for used merchandise?

Your point? Even used- it should not be in the shop 4 times. And being in the shop 4 times should have given the washer more than 1 year of life.

2) What are you washing with it?

You're kidding, right? I have been washing closes since I was old enough to goto school. I know how to handle a washer. A smart *** answer would have been bricks and/or rocks.

3) We haven't had to come to your house in months.

Again, your point? A machines usefulness should be gaged in years-not months.

Unfortunately, I will call whirlpool again on Monday, and see if there is any way to fix this under warranty. If not, it goes to the curb. 350.00 down the drain, and a strangulated hernia on top of it all. But, Rent a Center got their money, stealing it from a disabled person, making life 10X more dificult.

I guess, in their eyes, that's what matters.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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