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I was used as a reference for a friend and now I am the victim of Rent-A-Center's harassing calls every single day 3 and 4 times a day. My friend has requested that my name be removed from RAC's contact list and so have I.

I have even spoken directly to the manager of the Alabama Avenue, SE, Washington, DC store who assured me that I would not received any further calls. THAT WAS A LIE!! I was never asked if it was ok to contact me in the event that they couldn't reach her; the answer would have been NO. This situation is more frustrating than you could ever imagine.

It is not my account RAC should not be harassing me. I even resorted to answering the calls and hanging up without say a word so no voicemail messages could be left and still they continue to call. I've asked several times for them to stop calling me because I refuse to call my friend every time and still the calls continue. There is no end to their madness.

Today I left the district manager a voicemail message. Hopefully I will get a response & a resolution.

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I am a referemce n they called me when the person was only a day late. Also called her 3 days before her bill was due. Rent a center is an unprofessioal bisiness n doesnt have ethics.


rent-a-center never stops calling me they call 20 to 30 times a day and they stop at my house 3 times a day over 30 dollors they need to get over them selfs and if its like this just take me to court for the 30 dollors i am soosoo sick of this! i an telling this so no will rent from them and the people at my rent-a-center are *** they all ways have attudets i dont know where they find there employees but they need to rethink the ones in watervilet NY and find a new manger i went there about 3 weeks ago and ask them to send my paper work to the rent-a-center in east greenbush and its been three weeks now and they sill havent done it!!!! TO EVERYONE DONT RENT FROM RENT-A-CENTER!!!!!!


You could contact your Attorney General of your state. It requires you make a written report, plus it alerts the state of the businesses' practices and will make it easier for others having the sae issues, not to mention, get RAC to back off.

Do it today!

It sounds like you were simply trying to help a friend. My best.


x2,have your friend pay the bill or take it back.


To IseeWhineypeople, its obvious you dont read too well because it CLEARLY states that she was "NOT asked" if they could contact her in the future if they couldnt reach her friend. Ignorant people should not make comments on other people's post especially when they are illiterate.

You can tell your friends whatever you'd like but you cant force anyone to do anything. You are an ***!!


When they called you to verify you were an ok ref. they asked you if it was ok to leave a message with you for the consumer.

If you answered yes then get over it you oked. it.

tell your friend to pay the bill or take it back. Pretty simple.


Moniquet - so sorry to read that your number wasn't taken off the list at your first request! You're absolutely right. Your request to not be called should have been honored and while it doesn't make anything better, I bet that it was a case of your number being removed in one place or system and not another.Did you hear back from the DM and get everything straightened out?


To Laura...Gee thanks for the expert advice. NOT!!!!

If it were that easy I never would have posted this complaint in the 1st place. You cant force a person to do anything they dont want to do. I certainly dont have any super powers. Do you?

In the begining of this mess I did text/call my friend to let her know RAC wanted her to contact them. My texting/calling was useless because she already knew that. This is why I stopped notifying her every time they contacted me, it was simply a waste of time.

If you're gonna comment on someone post, let it be a comment that's actually useful. You must be a RAC employee.


Written by cynthia campanale, on 11-05-2010 10:52

We need to unite to file a class action suit. I have spoken with an attorney, please contact his office : RAC has done a great deal from unfair debt collection practices, harassment, deceptive prices . His name and office numbers are below: PLEASE CALL TO SEE IF YOU HAVE A CASE AND CAN BE ADDED .

Tom Holman

1250 Broadway, Suite 3701

New York, New York 10001

212-300-0345(Voice); 212-564-5468 (Fax)


Tell your friend that they need to pay their bill then no one would be calling you.

to laura Alma, Michigan, United States #809170

Laura, your full of ***. Even if you pay your bill, they still harass you.

They call me three times a week to offer specials and sell me more *** and they call me repeatedly on the day my payment is due. Not late, but just due! I am at work and they call repeatedly! If I were late then you can call me.

But don't call me 65 times the day my payment is due. Mafia style harassing collection tactics!

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