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Returned merchandise

I had a credit card payments sent back to the store and not able to pay it so I took the stuff back. they saud i had to pay I said I could only pay so much a week but they want more what can i do and do i have to pay even though I returned the merchandise.


Benefits of a death in family

Is there a benefit for payments due to RCA when you have a death in your imd. Family member? And if so what do i need to do we are having to pay for the vfuneral being my brother did not have life ins .


Existing Agreement

I have an agreement that now I believe I have been paying on since 2015. It is a Philips TV to be exact.

I want to know if I can have some assistance in looking up my agreement and telling me exactly what is going on with this agreement and figuring out where either I am wrong or one of your branch stores is wrong.

Yes, I do have my agreement. And does one need a copy of one's lease to rent from you establishment?



How can i have a store credit of almost $1,300.00and cant use it towards phones i have gotten there makes no sense to me.....


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