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What should be done about a sofa we renting and we discovered it has bed bug in it tryed calling the store but giving us the run around trying get them to come get it before they take over our house what to do ?


Document it with photos and texts or recorded phone conversations to the store manager, then file a suit and in it demand house being treated professionally, along with any other costs or any mental anguish suffered from worrying about kids being bitten, visitors maybe packing them to their house or whatever. Businesses should be made to be held accountable for shady *** sales people they employ



Will my husband be responsible for cough if it has bed bug in one


Returned merchandise

I had a credit card payments sent back to the store and not able to pay it so I took the stuff back. they saud i had to pay I said I could only pay so much a week but they want more what can i do and do i have to pay even though I returned the merchandise.


Benefits of a death in family

Is there a benefit for payments due to RCA when you have a death in your imd. Family member? And if so what do i need to do we are having to pay for the vfuneral being my brother did not have life ins .


Existing Agreement

I have an agreement that now I believe I have been paying on since 2015. It is a Philips TV to be exact.

I want to know if I can have some assistance in looking up my agreement and telling me exactly what is going on with this agreement and figuring out where either I am wrong or one of your branch stores is wrong.

Yes, I do have my agreement. And does one need a copy of one's lease to rent from you establishment?



How can i have a store credit of almost $1,300.00and cant use it towards phones i have gotten there makes no sense to me.....


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