They are harassing and do change their policies based on what week it is.They harass the customers that do pay each week to make up for the ones who dont pay and still have their crappy furniture.

I have been paying on my furniture for almost two years, i have a very minimal amount due and that seems to make the intensity of the phone call worse. They have come to my house and lied stating to my husband i was three weeks late in my payment when indeed i was three days late.

They have people who all they do is call and harass people at home and work and they call everyone on their application.

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There is a big difference between a debt collector and a creditor collecting debt.The laws apply to debt collecting agencies solely.

Debt collecting agencies buy debt from creditors(banks, credit cards, department stores, and sometimes utilities).Consequently, some of the comments above are without merit and should not be considered as a recommendation for remedy.


F*** Rent -A- Center! and everyone who works there!

-Brad pitt


I can’t tell you how many people steal from our company, lie to our faces, ruin perfectly good merchandise, live in horrible conditions and most of all think it’s allways someone else’s fault when they can’t pay their bills. It is a lease purchase agreement if you lease a car for 5 years that only cost the dealer 2000 but their charging 7000 you’d be locked in and have to pay for service, if you don’t pay them their going to repo your stuff too. It is a fact of business. But RAC will let you return it, reinstate you back into where you left off within 45 days and service your merchandise for free as long as its general wear and tear. So i.e. you put a rock threw it fighting with your old man (yeah I’ve seen it) you can get it fixed and expect us to roll over and play dead (yeah they’ve asked it). Try taking your stuff back to Wally World and see what they say after an incident like that…… tough cookies….

Also to the guy who thinks putting false information on contractual lease agreements is a great idea ummmmmmmm….. Why don’t you spend some time searching legal definitions of deliberately falsifying information.. that’s ground for the judge to throw any complaint you have out the darn window…

The only difference between rac and the other people you owe money to is they garnish and sue you and you can hide it from your friends while you pretend to be keeping up with the Jones’s in your suvs and the big house you...

Pure and simple you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into when you said “yeah an73 inch tv with a living room for only 4 easy payments a month… supper” so don’t play the victim when you decide you can’t be mature enough to answer your phone or your door for that matter when we are trying to see what the *** is going on with our 2500 dollars worth of merchandise.

:cry :cry

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i rented from them since 2001 and never had a problem with them,they always helped with any problems i had.

Farmington, New York, United States #234355

let me help u out they stink it took 8 weeks 2 come and get my tv and fix it the still havnt fixed the stuff i paid off they r worhless never ever rent from them


I'm very unhappy with the Rent Center the way they call you on the phone,and the way that they deal with people.I have one more week to pay on the furniture.

The couch need some repairs on the leg rest,and they will not come and repair it,because they do not make the furniture any more,and they had said I sign the piece of papper that they will not fix the furniture. I will tell you that Rent Center said it was leather,but actually it is not,because the lounch chair that came with the couch started to crack,and they had send some one out to repair it,and they had the wrong color of vitial,and so now I have furniture they will not repair.

I will never buy anything more from the rent a center in Battle Creek,MI.The way that they had treated me,and what they done with me with the furniture.


The only reason why you are there is because you are paid to be. Lets not pretend your job is that important that you can sit on a high horse and look down on all us deadbeats that are 2 days late on a payment.

Reality is, you make about 8.00 an hour. And unless you are on the clock why are you wasting your time taking something personal enough to make bold statements like that. Rent a center RAPES people who have no choice other than them to get the household items that they need to survive.

You shouldnt be so unkind to people who have a hard time paying for neccesities, you should instead be human and not act like someone owes you personally


if you would pay your bills we wouldnt have to call u so there


I have yet to purchase any items from these type of merchants.However, I was pondering the possibility of assigning incorrect telephone numbers for your references.

If anything comes up, simply say the people must have changed their phone number without your knowledge. I doubt they will call every one of your references before they give you the merchandise. And for those of you that are going to buy furniture and move. Simply have them deliver the furniture to your old address and take the furniture to your new address yourself.

When it comes time to change the address, use a P.O. BOX.

That way, you wont have any pesky annoying people coming to your residence or even calling you or your family.Come to think of it, why not just buy elsewhere???????


We need to unite to file a class action suit. I have spoken with an attorney, please contact his office : RAC has done a great deal from unfair debt collection practices, harassment, deceptive prices . His name and office numbers are below: PLEASE CALL TO SEE IF YOU HAVE A CASE AND CAN BE ADDED .

Tom Holman

1250 Broadway, Suite 3701

New York, New York 10001

212-300-0345(Voice); 212-564-5468 (Fax)


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