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My problem with RAC is we were gone outta town and forgot to pay our payment before we left.So on Monday we call the told us we could not just pay for the one payment we had to pay TWO. So we told them we pay Saturday for both the.Then weeks later It was OK again to pay on Monday the manger there need to get his *** figured out .So since they done that to us we pay every two weeks and let them keep calling .and don't answer them then two weeks come around we pay em..

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New Egypt, New Jersey, United States #1288608

listen u all are on here talking about how bad rac is yeah u may pay more but if u need it now where else can u gono where so u might what to think before u speak


rac is raking in the money while you all pay double what its concept of renting to own but to pay double price for a couch or something you can get cheap gently used is silly.

even get the cheap stuff then save for the good stuff.

american pride gets in the way and we only want new stuff even if we cant afford it.way to go rac you won lol.

not directed at anyone but rac and american pride lol


call and Harrass u 24/7 if ur payments late

Ironton, Missouri, United States #27789

I'm currently working for rac. I admit that I'd much rather be doing something else, but they kinda trap you with the weekly pay, benefits, etc. I've only been with the company for 5 months and I already see both sides of the business and how it affects consumers and employees alike. On one hand, you have a company where the investors are relying on the employees or 'coworkers' to hit a close of 5.9% at the ending of each week. These investors are purchasing this at a price of what ever it may be at that time.

On the other hand, you have average citizens who may or may not have the money to go to best buy or whatever. Or may just not want to shell out all that money at once. They have the option of paying the weekly price, twice a month, or monthly. The consumer is NEVER locked into the entire term price. Let's say an item has a 90-day cash price of $400, but if you pay 14.99 for the entire term in the weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly option you would have paid $800. At the very bottom of the agreement, it says that the consumer still has an early purchase option of 60% of the total term price which is the $800 basically. The consumer can exercise this option at ANY TIME during the duration of their agreement. So, that means if you paid $150 after a period of let's say 10 weeks. A little over two months you would have put $150 into this item and if you want to pay it out within the 90-day period all you need is $250 within 3 weeks. Sounds like a lot in three weeks...

Well, if the consumer surpasses the 90 day expiration period they can continue to pay 14.99 comfortably for another 5 weeks and still be able to purchase this item for the 60% early purchase option.

This means that the $400 90-day price goes to $480. Therefore, the consumer has paid 14.99 comfortably for 15 weeks and only has $256 dollars left to pay at any time!

The only reason that the company is so hard on the customers is basically because the company is also hard on itself. They would much rather have the consumer pay the rental fee instead of returning the merchandise. And in some cases I've seen customers pay a two day rental payment just to help make the numbers good for that day as well as the next day.

I could talk about this business for a long time...believe me there's lots to say. What I can say, is that the company needs to focus on it's individual stores and the investors maybe should consider talking to the employees or 'coworkers' of the company. That's about as 'inside' as you're going to get when it comes down to knowing what numbers are projected to hit that day.

Consumers should really consider whether or not they should buy from rac if they are purchasing something expensive. Just save your money and don't give yourself the headache.

Consumers who just want to rent should do so accordingly, but beware of the high deposit cost of short-term rentals! Some of which is not refunded.

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