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I made the Mistake of Setting up an Account because i wanted to Get a TV that i could not Afford at the time. I made 2,800 Dollars in Payments and When i missed a Payment Due to being out of the Country They Called and Left 17 Verbal Messages stateing they will have To handle things their way, (what?) are they Threatening me?

sounded like it then My Friend who was watching my APT said they was banging on the DOOR demanding to be let in. This is Harrasment. is it not. i filed a BBB Complaint with The BBB to keep A Record of this outrages So Call Customer Service Actions.

I Finnaly Called the guy and they told me we are coming to pick up the TV today. I said ok, come get it.

i will never deal with Rent A Center EVER again. ARRONS would have treated me better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rent A Center Account.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Valley Center, California, United States #1310085

Dum dum. You were NOT out of the country.

If you are a customer at RAC you CANNOT, CANNOT, CANNOT afford to be out of the country. LIAR. You are just another dum dum who is poor and cannot hand finances. Your a waste of time and breath.

RAC customers are bottom of the barrel. I know. I used to work there in that rat hole for THREE years. You pay 3 - 4 times more for the same item you can get at a box store.

BUT.....because you are immature and want it NOW like a ten year old, you do this. Your credit sucks too. RAC is a predator. To the poor.

Think about it. Grow up, do budget, and STOP going to these places that also include Pawn loan businesses and cash advances.

Throw your money down a toilet, and let me kick your poor butt. Probably STILL better off than going to one of these businesses.


Weel the Better Business Was Useless and The CEO Sided with Rent a Center Stateing that The EMployee never did such a thing Basically Calling me a Liar. So whatever i just wont ever go there for any reason ever again.

to shaneoramme Des Moines, Iowa, United States #921888

Of course he did, because you are a liar. Easy to see.

You weren't "out of the country", you were hiding and trying to NOT be mature and responsible by NOT paying your bill.

You got caught in your big lie, and now are feeling embarrassed. Lmao.c

to turnup truck #1502076

Man y’all need to keep negative comments to yourself like you know the guy!! *** y’all we don’t have a choice ( at the bottom of the barrel ) .

{{redacted}} *** riding girls find something better to do . We have no choice in this life .


I am dealing with document fraud. A forgery was made with my name and is current in litigation. My name falsely appears on a rent-a-canter documents that was made by their employee.

I am offering Compensation to anyone having any lease purchase documents on any leased purchased item.

The documents can be old, paid out, active,repossessed, any. The personal imformation on document is not needed. It is only the size of the document that is useful as a comparison made as to the size of their documents.

Any person can make contact through my

e-mail at :(


Hi, I work for RAC and I’m extremely sorry to hear about your experience. What you’ve described is against our policies.

Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-422-8186 and let them know about this situation.

I know it's one more step for you to take, but giving Customer Care your feedback is the only way specific issues can be addressed. Hope this was helpful.

to RAChelp Mount Pleasant, Michigan, United States #1324528

The only answer you have given to anyone is "call customer service"

Is this because you can only talk to someone who speaks a language that you can't understand you and finally spits out "I will give this to my DM, he will calling you by Friday" I do give him a little credit, he didn't specify which Friday. I'll wait a couple more I totally lose it on them.

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