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When has it become legal to discuss personal information to a Third party? I know it is against the law to discuss my account with anyone except if I give my permission to do so.

Chis a employee of Carson City NV on hwy. 50 store gave a reference all of my personal financial information stating I was behind on my payment and asked if she could make the payment for me and I could pay her back!!!! I believe this is against the law. I am thinking of fileing a law suite against your company for this.

The reference will testify. I would like a corporate officer to contact me ASAP

Product or Service Mentioned: Rent A Center Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well i have two tv from renter a center in onky been a week behind i need a insticting till the. End of this month i never bewn late on a payment could thy xome get thy tvs after payin all my money


Your best bet is to either give back the merchandise or pay it off. Don't work for them and don't care for them, but I've heard some of the horror stories from people that have been involved with legal matters involving RAC.

They have attorneys in every state that work only with certain judges for the fact that most of those judges take the side of Rent A Centers claim.

97% of the Rent A Center contract Rent A Center doesn't follow and they prey on people who don't understand it.

If you are in all honesty thinking about filing a lawsuit make sure you find a civil attorney that follows contract rental law and agreements, otherwise you are wasting your time.

Good luck


Hi, I work for Rent-A-Center. This definitely sounds concerning!

We'd like to look into what might have happened and see if there's anything we can do to help.

Please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 as soon as you get the chance. Thank you.

to Anonymous #1319796

If you worked for Rent A Center, you wouldn't be posting as anonymous.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1308185

So let me get this straight, you're not making your payments and have the nerve to be mad because the calls went out.

Hint-Your personal biz wouldn't go out of you paid your bills on time or at all as the case may be.

Pay your bills!!


You seem clueless, this is a public message board that most companies do not see. Dig out that contract you clearly won't honor and find contact info there.

to Anonymous #1316978

Clueless,thats a good one, you must work for them. or maybe you have such a good life were you can say what you said.

people in this country are struggling like me to get by, where we just cant go out and purchase the item we need new. ive been getting things from rent a center for a long time, there were bumps in the road but we always got things worked out. this last time was the worst experiance we ever dealt with from an employee whom must be trying to make his mark. the delivery people didnt want to remove the items,especially the refridgerator.

we lost over 100 dollars in food. they told us the store manager Al wanted to give us a chance to pay somthing and we had intended to do. this person Kenny slammed the door in our face and said buy a cooler..and also we found out rent a center doesnt charge late fees, but we seemed to had to pay late fees to this store.

somtimes upto 50.00 dollars above the bill. before you sit there and judge a person because thier struggling at that moment in time,walk a day in thier shoes and think before you call someone clueless cause karmas a bad thing..

to Anonymous #1319789

Actually there is a fine line when it calls for someone to collect a debt. They still have to follow consumer laws in trying to obtain that debt.

Rent A Center is allowed to contact everyone on the application, plus references, unless the consumer sends them a cease and desist of collection and harassment letter.

As well the references they call they are not allowed to discuss any personal or account information involved to the account to the references. Otherwise yes that debt collector is breaking the law and can be fined.

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