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I have a tv from RAC which im behind like 3 weeks in a payment they keep calling and I just recently moved I do plan on paying them but itll take me a few days to get paid..they leave mssges every day about my "delinquent" account..

can they take me to court and how long after my payment?..

I dont think theyd take me to court for 3 weeks would they?..If they would how long after would they have the right to take me to court?..Should i just give it back and have them deliver it again in a couple of days to get them off my back..?..

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Yes it has been a nightmare I haven't paid them this is 2 months now I started paying them 2016 for a sofa set already gave him over $2,500


Ok I just got a call from Scott carruthers office threatening that they will serve me with criminal charges for not returning a refrigerator that I paid for months and then I got divorced and my ex-husband took it. Is this true? The e law office didn't even want to spell the lawyers name and hung up on me.


okay im only a few days late and RAC is calling me ten times a day I think that's ridiculous because I'm only a few day late and if by the 1st week I see it doesn't fit into my budget I will call them to come take the stuff back.BUT *** you all are on here delinquent for more than a week and complaining?

wtf? send the furniture back.

you cant afford it anymore and you are not entitled to keep if you cant pay anymore.that's the way Rent to Own works.


Been doing busy with rent a center since the opened...We had to very bad experiences with them...

Apparently they dont like working with thier customers even if its todays late...

We've.Only bought all our furniture from them...


The reason you habitual deadbeats are renting furniture is because you serial deadbeats destroyed your credit by not paying your bills to other creditors.Now you're here throwing your temper tantrums because the big, bad RAC bill collectors are calling!

Isn't that a big surprise!!! If you don't like bill collectors calling you...pay your bills!!! How blatantly obvious is that?

However, 20 years from now you sorry habitual deadbeats will still be sorry habitual deadbeats blaming everyone and everything else but YOURSELF!Yes sir...the best society has to offer!!!

to Anonymous #1386154

How do you sleep at night with an attitude like that ..I'm sure your mom would be proud..your obviously an angry person ..GOD is the only judge !! Find him and seek peace ..I will be praying for you !!

to Anonymous #1393962

Oh we are so sorry that you "Mr. PERFECT" HAS never done anything wrong... he who is without sin cast the first stone


No it will just go to collections that have insurance on everything so they get paid no matter what I would keep it

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1177947

They had me arrested for late payment .They called me ten times a day came to my house and job.

Secreting lien property was my charge and the arresting officer thought it was crazy so I didn't get a bond and when my court date approached I continued it for over a year then paid the value of the tv and charges were dropped.It actually saved me a lot of money bc I didn't pay interest or all the crazy fees rent a center charges.

to Anonymous Traverse City, Michigan, United States #1207245

The Secreting Lien charge only comes in to play if you have a judgement and attempt to hide the item to prevent law enforcement from enforcing said judgement. Also, the officers themselves do not determine the bond.

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