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Rented a bed at Mesa AZ Rentacenter, after having it for two weeks a batch of dormant bedbug eggs hatched and overnight I was eaten alive by bedbugs. I threw out the bed, had them pick it up, and demanded a refund.

They are not responding to my claim and have stated that the pest control tech saw no bedbugs in my residence, even the the store manager actaully saw the infestation himself when the box spring was returned to his store. I cleaned everything up before the pest control tech got there, a full day and a half later.

The corporate office 'risk management' dept. wants to cover their own butts in case I decided to sue for pain and suffering, Dr bills, etc.

Review about: Rent A Center Manager.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I highly recommend Desert Sky Pest Control 602-402-1092; in two visits one month apart they eliminated our bedbugs. Some of our furniture was wrapped in plastic /w bug bomb for a month but it was worth the inconvenience and was 100% successful in killing all eggs and hatchlings. Total cost was over $400 but RAC reimbursed us finally.



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Hmmm...sounds all to familiar. We are in the same boat.

Our house is infested and Truly Nolan wants 2000.00 to exterminate and they only guarantee 30 days. I have 2 possible solutions....AJ Richards 480 544 2446 He is GREAT and has a K9 dog. Mine are sooo bad the AZ exterminator 602 275 8555. we get the extimate today to tent the house.

All for a mattress rental!

CONTACT ME I have a gameplan. LOL


im was the manager at the time and yes home office did try to push it under the rug. i told them i saw the bugs and something needed to be done they told me the pest control did not and thats all they need. sorry about the situation but i too have issues with the way rac does business.they also treat employees like ***.if you need me for anything let me know and i will give u my email


At some point one or more of the State Attorney Generals will put these people out of business. They prey on people that can't afford to fight with them.


Renting a used mattress?


Pilar, Cordoba Department, Colombia #223202

Apparently this one slipped through the cracks and someone did a poor inspection job or just rushed it through to be delivered; the bugs were falling out of the box spring on the driveway when it was waiting for disposal


We're sorry to hear about this. Bedbugs are unfortunately a real problem.

We follow all state guidelines to clean and sanitize our mattresses. They are physically inspected for infestation before leaving the store.

If ever a mattress is found to have bed bugs we would destroy it and our customers would never be at risk for renting it. Please contact customer support as soon as possible.

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