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I recently rented a living room set from RAC. I was hesitant about renting it after a friend of mine told me that they delivered a bed to him and brought *** roaches into his house.

I have been a very good costumer for over 10 years. I spoke with the manager and he assured me that it was the other store that had delivered the bed (there are two stores in my town Hornell NY) He also assured me that the problem was taken care of. Last night a little over a week of having the furniture I noticed a bug crawling on my wall heading to a swag hanging on my wall. I yelled to my husband that I wanted to know if this was a *** roach.

He is from mexico so I knew he would know if it was or not because I didn't know what they looked like. It sure was and it was carrying eggs. I was so pissed I tried to call the store but it was already closed this was just last night and today is Sunday and they are not open. I don't know what to do because I had them take away my old furniture when they brought the new furniture.

I know that they will send someone to get rid of them but its the fact that they are not doing there jobs for something like this to happen. I am not paying to have these discusting bugs brought into my house. I plan to go to the papers and to the health department regarding this problem. Who knows how many other people have had *** roaches brought into their house and don't realize it yet.

They obviously have an infestation in there store especially since my furniture came directly from the store floor. I would like to know what the policy is supposed to be when an item is returned to the store.

You would think that they spray the stuff or do something knowing that there is a possibliity of something like this happening. When I am done letting people know what is going on I will be suprised if anyone does business with RAC again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I just had a bedroom set delivered today and went to go to bed, baby roaches all over my room! NOT COOL and so F’n PISSED! They will be coming to get this *** out of my house on Monday’


yes me to i had same proublmes with rent center


I know a lady in our subdivision has a terrible roach problem and is renting furniture for now till problem taken care of. Not a friend just heard her say best way not to infect your own furniture! Beware renting is all I would say


I rented a tv from rent center now i got roaches i told them your not getting the tv back connie


I just rented a beautiful 6 draw white dresser, mirror and end table. Bam, roaches now are in our room, with eggs in all the draws, who knew.

Now I pushed it all outside in my yard, I want my money back and them to pay for an exterminator.

Don't rent anything from RAC in Stuart, Florida.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry Well NYC girl, it doesn't seem to matter where you live Rent-a-center sells their furniture that way. I am in Arizona and I do know what roaches look like, however, that was not my problem, LOUSE were, and failure to popular belief, if I pay for a service regardless of what condition that it is or was in, I do not expect to have to get the microscope to inspect it.

If I am given a defective item that has caused physical or emotional harm to my child or anyone in my family for that matter, I blame the company. My child is 1 year old and has dark marks all over her body that will never go away, what, because of someone leaving the examining up to me...what do they get paid to do? I want the hard earned money that I worked for to be invested in something that I don't have to worrying about LOUSE being in it. Where is the resposibilty and integrity for what they do - offering "renting" to those who can't "buy"?

I don't give a ***...Rent-a -Center is neglectful, and expect you to "take what you get" because they know the situation. So at least you are satified with your outcome and I am glad that it worked out for you, but I am appauld, outrage, and disgusted with my experience with them and to make it even worse the furniture has not yet been removed.

I am sure that people will still do business with them because if you can't buy you rent - that is why they are in business..., but does that mean that those who "rent" have to deal with bugs, regardless of what they are? C'mon there HAS to be a better way!


"I yelled to my husband that I wanted to know if this was a *** roach. He is from mexico so I knew he would know if it was or not because I didn't know what they looked like." So let me get this straight......Mexican people are experts on roaches because why???

I am from NY and believe me, roaches are there too!! Heck with the furniture complaint, your husband should say a thing or two towards you after insulting his heritage!!!!


Wow ***, I hope someone brings roaches into your home. The roaches that were brought into my friends home were from another Rent a Center in my town so I didn't think I needed to worry.

Also being a costumer for over 10 years and never having anything like this happen I didn't think I needed to worry. For your information as I said the furniture was brought to my home straight from the floor of the store. They sent an exterminator to my home and the problem has been taken care of. I just felt that people should know that this can happen when furniture is being rented out to various homes.

Also I still am doing business with them people make mistakes things happen I was angry they took care of it and I am satisfied. SO get over yourself!!!!!!


Why didn't you check the furniture out before they left your house. Your fault!

Your friend told you what happen to them. Trust me, people will still do business with them even with your sorry, lame story!

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