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I rented a bed frame and my payments fell behind. I was in a accident and was burn over 20% of my body. I tried to pay 50.00(bill was 76.00) and they wouldn't except it. Once the bill got to 140.00 I tried to pay 100.00 and that wasn't excepted either. Now I am being harassed and have put too much money into this to return. I don't understand why neither the store or the online service wouldn't allow me to make some sort of payment. now the bill... Read more

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Had a bad service in Batesburg South Carolina from rent a center was told i was caught up my bill then they told me i was still behind one week i owed. 150.00 on it now they r pick it up i have been with them for five years pay off washer and dryer and had to buy a new washer I paid it all Read more

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Rent a center refused payment I filled out app played biweekly wanted no thou pay they set up payment on my off week so they could charge $15 late fee the gm Beth refused to fix this issue saying it's a privilege to have Monday due date really MOM since when can a company tell it's customer s when they can pay such nonsense never in my life,I was threatened with jail and cops well I called the cops when they refused to leave my house filed... Read more

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In regards to complaint number 310874, along with the non stop harrassment everyday rent a center has no grounds to come to my door banging for hours when nobodys home, denting my doors and stretching my window screens from knockin on every windows. My 14 year old daughter was the only one home. She was scared to death and was hidin in one room as they approached every room in the house. When we returned home we noticed damage to both doors... Read more

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i moved in my brand newbuilt home and it was the 7th day. i bought washer and dryer from rac and they delivered and installed. i put a load of clothes in and i was attacked in my kitchen with water rollin from ther laundry room, i went to master bath to get towels and found that the water was in the bathroom floodin it. i had approxi 57 towels to try and control this matter. 3 hours or longer and i was terrified, crying, it was not long till... Read more

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Watch out for the Delaware Ohio rent a center. They will charge more than authorized. Watch out for the supervisor doesn't take care of any complaints. She doesn't think the customer is important. The rent a center in Delaware Ohio should also drug test all their employees. I am not in a contract with Rent a Center. I only was making a payment for someone else and they illegally charge an authorized amount on my card. They refused... Read more

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Everyone *** about Rent-A-Center just sounds like whinny ***. There are thousands of stores and just because you had a *** experience doesnt mean everyone does. If you had bad customer service i can tell why who wants to deal with adults that act like they are 5 years old a whine and ***. Get of your high horse and realize that maybe your the reason no one treats you with respect. Good God adults these days are trashy babies. Get a life if... Read more

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Went to RAC for two items. I was in an auto accident and waiting for settlement monies. I made the payments on time. Never late...called in October 2010 and asked for the payoff. Was told $900. I asked is this the total exactly? Yes. I again asked if I made my $50 payment I would subtract and owe them $850. Yes. I was talking to the store manager. So I called on December 23, 2010 and was told the payoff was $400. Again, confirmed by the store... Read more

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In February of '10 I went to RentaCenter for a queen size bed, at the time I was about 9 1/2 months and really couldn't sleep on the floor being that my brother had my bed in use at his home. I told them I needed a bed and I didn't want to pay alot for a bed...they made me wait 3 or 4 days before I got my bed which I had to leave work to recieve so I didnt look at it. It was the worst bed ever and it took 7 mnths and about 8... Read more

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I am a former employee, and rent a center sux from a consumer standpoint or as an employee, for a consumer, they are ridiculously overpriced, they raised their prices during this econmic crunch, when you get service..its not always from certified technitions and used or scrap parts, New is new but like new or slightly used jacked up..If somone rented a tv and paid rac 500 dollars ...and then returned doesnt mean the next person... Read more

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