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Well time and time again we have tried to get RAC to stop their employees from using illegal and unethical business practices.But they not only refuse to do anything, but also encourage there people to continue to use these methods So now we will take the fight to their doorstep.This demonstration will be 73 strong to stand outside the East Stroudsburg P.A.

store and also includes 4 chase cars that will follow delivery trucks with video cameras.This will be the first of many demonstrations that will follow.The goal would be to have one a month cost to cost at all the RAC stores.

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if you want copy just email me at


i have a 18 hour video, you might be intrested in


your correct about GE,And yes it is a personal subject with me.


I agree with GE Hater.You can say what you want Zero, but it sounds awfully personal with you.

You act like you're taking the high road with concern for everyone, but in the scheme of things, there are bigger concerns out in the world.I think GE is a much bigger problem that needs to be scrutinized by the public eye.


Wow Zero, with this much passion, why don't you turn towards General Electric?They're sending over parts to the middle east that are being used to make roadside bombs that are killing our soldiers.

That is way worse than a company that gives options to people who don't have credit, even if sometimes some questionable business practices are engaged in by some employees. I've had rac employees at my door before because I just didn't have the time to call them, or I didn't have the money, so I was trying avoid them.

I don't get mad, they're doing their job.But GE is a true monster that needs to be held accountable.


Well I would sit and think of all the things that go on in our everyday life,companys that lie, cheat and steal from thier so called "valued costumers" after promises of the sun and moon , companies that tell employees that they are family and then when one of them has troubles or won't do something they feel is dishonest or that goes against their morels that company "family" turns their back on them all in the name of a dollar.As I would think of these things I could feel my blood bubble and my temper rise and I would say, what kind of person allows things like this to happen?

And then I would say (Well I do). So now instead of putting my blood pressure into orbit I make a line in the sand and say I'll do something no matter how small of an impact it may have. If I don't then I have no right to complain. As the saying goes " The only thing I have to be ashamed of is that I have done nothing",I just can't stand bullies!

"Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person (Besag, 1989). Behaviors may include name calling, verbal or written abuse,physical abuse. (Carey, 2003; Whitted & Dupper, 2005).

Bullies may behave this way to be perceived as popular or tough or to get attention. They may bully out of jealousy .Does this sound familiar RAC?

So from now on i refuse to...

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Zero..Why are you fighting with rent a center? I'm glad your helping out.But whats your story? just curious.


i'm trying to explain to my friends racs trickery, and their deciet.They read all these posts, but don't believe it because of the positive way they are treated.

i can't find any conclusive videos to show them, can you tell me the names of the videos on youtube so i can more easily find them please?i'm sure if they see something convincing on video, they'll know they're dealing with satan.


Loanshark Hunter, I apologize. But as you can see we post comments here and we are immediately pounded with ridicule from rac employees. So I'll take this as a lesson learned.And again I apologize sir.


Zero, no, I don't work for rent a center.From the post, I believed the church had cash bought a tv from them.

I'm not real familiar with the company, but I have friends that cash buy appliances and furniture from them. I'm just shocked that a church would pay that much for a tv, whether through paying cash or renting.

I apologize if I came off as someone who works for these people.I guess I "know nothing of which I speak." You sound as rude as these actual rental workers who leave posts on here.

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