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Look the last time I rented from Rent a center I had paid off all but $200 on a computer I was purchasing from your company. I had been making payments for over a year. When your employees stopped by my house because I was 2 days late on my payment they had an altercation with my ex-husband who was not even supposed to be on my property. Whereas your company called me and told me they were taking my property...the computer which was nearlty paid off, and that as long as I was with my husband I could never rent from them again. Well, I tried to explain I wasn't with him, which they already knew, and that he was not supposed to be on my property, I even had the money including late fee to catch up payment. So I guess I am out the over $1,000 I spent thinking I was buying my property from a honest company. I feel like I was stolen from and will never use Rent-A-Center again,

Stephanie Doty

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