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The individual called me on wed. evening told him would be in on saturday to pay. Then he called me back right after and left nasty message on my phone. the next day he called again and i told him i already told him would be in on Sat. He said had to have a time said did not have one and hung up. Went to the Macomb Illinois store on Sat. and was attempting to pay when this Tony came out of a office and starting yelling at me saying if i ever spoke to him like that again he would pick up the stuff and could never rent again had them get it.

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Hi Bonkin – I work with RAC and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a negative experience with some of our coworkers. We take pride in treating all our customers in the same courteous and professional manner no matter what the circumstance.

Please contact our Customer Support line at 1-800-422-8186 so that we can address this issue. Thanks

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