The workers are talking to other customers about my agreement.I feel that if that person isn't on your paper work then they should't be able to do that.If this is how the are going to do business then I'll just return my items and let my friends now not to rent from Rent-a-Center.I would like something done about this.I've been renting from Rent-a-Center for years.I've already bought a tv from yall.I would like to stay a customer with Rent-a-Center.Please can you do something about this.

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Rent a center is horrible, if you give them references on the application. they will call the references you posted, call your neighbors, harass you for payment days earlier.

Up to 8 calls within two days before payment is due. I advise anyone not to ever rent from rent a center stores, they do not do fair debt collection acts.

They bully, coerce and never should be used under any circumstances. Everyone should get together and file a class action suit against them and then they will respect people, their rights, their references and act like human beings with dignity, compassion and start respecting the debt collection practices, let's all get together and file a class action suit.


I work at RAC and want to let you know that we want you to keep being a Rent-A-Center customer too! Thank you for being our customer these years and I hope you'll give us the chance to work through this with you because from what you've said...

it doesn't sound like the way we are instructed to do business. Please call our customer service line at 800-422-8186 so they can get details about what happened and escalate the issue.

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