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First, our payment was behind. We have been customers with this company for more tha 3 years and never had this type experience.

When the employees came to our house we were sleeping. Keep in mind we have a 2 year old and ten month old Not only did the knock extremely loud they also beat on the side of our home screaming “open up now...it’s rent a center.....we need to talk to you. We called the store and the store manager Brianna said she would have a talk with them and that she agreed that was wrong. The following week we had my husbands mom in hospital with her heart and my family was hit with a tradegy when my cousin brutally murdered my aunt and uncle.

It was during this time I was ask by the manager while I was at the funeral home if I could send one of my neighbors to my home so they could get the washer and dryer

They called me several times while at the funeral home with their personal cell phones telling me I was stealing!

During a funeral! I am very upset with this type service I have added screenshots with the phone numbers and also the news headline of my family’s murder.

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You are stealing. You have chosen to not honor the rental agreement you signed.

Personal "tradegy" has nothing to do with payment due dates. If you no longer wish to honor the rental agreement then simply return the property to the lawful owner. Just because someone dies, does this mean bills should be "forgiven"? I can simply not pay my mortgage, car and utilities when a family member dies?

No that's ridiculous.

And so are the "excuse" you present. Pay the bill.

to Anonymous #1534094

Person who replied..you must work for RAC lol you gave a *** reply ....no I mean a heartless *** reply ..good day lol

to Anonymous #1534285

Thank you. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t going to return the property, I had all intentions I just ask them to wait until we were home. I’m not calling a neighbor so they can enter my home while I’m not there!

to Anonymous #1534286

I had every intention on returning the property. I just ask them to wait until I was home, not have a neighbor that by the way, I do not know that well, enter my home and let them in.

You obviously misunderstood my complaint! They have been told to come and get the property.

I didn’t say in anyway I wasn’t obligated to pay the bill! I know this!

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