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Your company has rude employees. I was not home and they kept ringing my doorbell. My landlord asked them to leave but they stayed another five minutes ringing the doorbell and pounding on my door.My landlord had to threaten to call the police before they would leave.

Also they came to my job and I told them to leave and your employee threatened me with the manager's approval.Your merchandise is overpriced as it is.I found a tv for half of what you are charging me.

I got my tax return and was going to pay tge mechandide off but *** on you I can buy two tv's for what you are charging me.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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rent a center is rude and should be put out of business. they kicked my door and taped my doorbell so it would keep ringing and was not even home


Hi - I work with RAC and we are very sorry to hear that you’ve had such a negative experience with our coworkers. It is against our policy to treat customers in the way you have described, and we want to resolve this issue with you soon. Please contact our Customer Support line at 1-800-422-8186 for additional assistance.


I really dont believe that they came to your job and can not contemplate why they would waste time on just 1 person when they can just mess up your credit even more if they needed to. you just screw yourself over when you do not read the fine print and assume you are following what is in the guidelines of the contract that YOU signed.

take your business elsewhere and make their lives *** too, tell them about your bad experience and see what they can do for you. next month when you get your bill, expect the compassion that the employee gave you to be included in the enormous bill.

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