After some serious research I think it's safe to say Rent a Center is the worst of these stores, Aaron's only has one page of complaints totaling in the 30's I personally can't speak for Aaron's I have never used them as RAC has turned me off to stores of there type but RAC has hundreds of complaints and most of the responses to these complaints seem to be by store employees. Very few real consumers have anything good to say about them.

When one person cries wolf it's hard to worry but when hundreds are all saying the same thing's. Well let's just say we believe the jury has spoken.

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Yea enjoy aarons locking you into your contracts for 90 days, paying for deliveries and service, and charging you 15 dollars everytime they come looking for payments. Oh and they can come by 3 times a day. 45 a day and you can't get out of it.

Fair Grove, Missouri, United States #58690

This page is not my solo research on this. My research has been just under two years and about 321 interviews with costumers and exemployees.If you have a week to do nothing i'll send you a copy, it's 2592 pages.

But thanks for proving the RAC employees answer these posts. And thanks but i already have beach front property in the Keys.


So a page in a domain on a companies web site means that much to you?

I have some beach fron property in Kansas to sell ya! Right on the pacific coast and on a clear day you can wave at Japan!

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