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The manager at Rent A Center was very rude.When

I finish paying for an item I rent something else. I

paid over $2000 for a stereo and then I paid over

$1200 for a computer.

Recently I purchased another stereo system and a

livingroom set.I pay every week,sometimes I am

late but I pay the late fees.

The manager at the store located at 777 SW Capital Circle told me if I was late again he would

pick up his merchandise.

Iasked him his name he only told me James,when

I asked for his last name he wouldn't give it to me.

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I have been a RAC employee for almost 6 years. I always here " Why are you making a bid deal about when I make my payments.

I pay the Late fees." It doesn't matter about the late fees. Our District managers and Regional Manager don't care. The fact of the matter is if you don't pay on time, Account Manager WILL lose there jobs. Wouldn't you like to only get 1 call a week, or every 2 weeks, or once a month from us?

I would love to only call my customers once.

Not only that, we have been used as credit references before and will continue to do so. So if you don't care about your relationship on a company that gave you a shot to get the itmes on necessity that you couldn't get financed elsewhere, pay your account on time or if you can't afford the payments reduce what you have so you can afford it so you can make the payments on time and EVERYONE will be happy.

Mount Pulaski, Illinois, United States #22212

Do I hate RAC? Yes.Will I ever buy anything from them again?NO WAY.But you know what, I still pay my payments on time, or earlier than they are due.I don't understand WHY you are so pissed off because YOU DIDN'T PAY YOUR BILL, and they're coming to get their stuff.Its a RENT-a-Center.You don't OWN the things you're paying for until you fulfill the purchase agreement.It's like pay rent on a house.If you're 3 or 5 days late on your rent, your landlord is going to be calling you at work and home, or might even want to evict you if you don't have the money you're supposed to be paying for living on THEIR property.If you're not going to be responsible enough to pay your own bills, DON'T RENT ANYTHING!

Point Mugu Nawc, California, United States #21552

To add:

Those late fee's are not late fee's. There Reinstatement charges.

During the time that you took to go in to make your late payment the waiver that you likely signed, aswell as the agreement you signed are both null and void. We make every attempt to set you up with a due date that works for you so you don't have to pay the reinstatement fee's and everything continues to be covered by the waiver you signed. We will do everything to keep you happy (ie. Replace or Repair your merch., etc), all we ask of you is that you make your payments on time.

Sounds to me like your a good customer, and life happens that may prevent you from making a payment on time. In which case, communication is key. When your local RAC calls, answer the phone and explain the issue at hand.

Also, if you have a complaint about a particular staff or manager, call the care line. you can find the phone number at or behind your local RAC counter.

Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova #20859

it's not our policy to give our last names out, as to our own privacy concerns you can understand im sure, however as far as your late payents are concerned even if you do pat late charges it;s our job to have you pay on time, lemmie ask you if you do work, do you do what you are told to at work?, well its the same for us were just doing our jobs

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